Game: X Edge Scans ~ PS3

Several new scans for X Edge (Cross Edge) game for PS3 that I mentioned few weeks ago.

Source: The Magic Box

And some etna pictures from official site 😀

And plenty more in X-Edge Official Site

Game Info



X Edge (Cross Edge)


Gust, Nippon Ichi, Idea Factory, Compile Heart


Playstation 3



Release date

25 September 2008


Asia ver: US$76.90 @ Play-Asia
Japan ver: US$79.90 @ Play-Asia

48 Replies to “Game: X Edge Scans ~ PS3”

  1. Oh right, this game!!!!!
    Another cross game. I love cross games!!!!!
    One of my personal favorite is Namco X Capcom!!!!!
    Great game!!!!
    I see from the screenshots that this game will be pretty good!!!!!
    Can’t wait for it!!!!!!

    Rins last blog post.. Too Early to get Ready…

  2. This is one of few great Japanese RPG that will never has an English version of it. Even Aurica, Misha, and Shurelia are here too.

    I also missed games like Tears to Tiara and Agarest Senki because of the same reason: Japanese language only >.<.

    sonic_ver2s last blog post.. Wireless flash system

  3. *fall from his chair*
    That looks… FAN-TAS-TIC!! Ar Tonelico girls + Etna + other gorgeous anime/game characters O_o
    Too sad it will sure be a japanese only game T_T
    not fair… not fair…

  4. Now I’ve another reason to buy a PS3… and I have to pray to a few gods so they release this game in the US, otherwise my wallet will die from massive bleeding from importing.

    Deathys last blog post.. (PR) Seu monitor

  5. @Ebimaki: only a bit, quite busy recently. Review won’t be up at least untill I get back from my Japan travel (back around September). But so far, it’s a good game, especially the CGs and the voice actors 🙂 it’s quite story heavy, 1st 1 hour I only battled once =\

  6. I think that how well Disgaea 3 sells in North America will ultimately determine if North America will get a localization of this game. It is going against the odds though, since Disgaea 3 would pretty much be the first anime SRPG on the PS3 in north america.

    radiants last blog post.. Where’s Radiant?

  7. hey just found out you got a huge buttload of X Edge screenshots here! haha

    Lookin forward to any guides or reviews this game will bring!

  8. I am too! Have you figure out how to learn new skills or even do those crazy combo EX, cause I’m like on level 19 and still haven’t. (I love the combo chain though) Oh and certain messages pop up when I level up, what is that? Sorry for so many questions!

  9. haven’t bought the game yet.. going to buy once I finished my tears to tiara (and the other 2 games.. maybe). I’ve tried the demo already, all the menu and items are similar to agarest senki 😀

  10. just bought mine online, now another 2 weeks before this game arrives. Should’ve waited till I finish the other games first heh..

  11. won’t regret for sure, since I was planning to buy this game from months ago..

    the only thing I regret is that I don’t have many free times to play all my games >_<

  12. I know how you feel trust me. I have all these games, but the ones I truly seek and play are RPG’s. I’m going to get Agarest Senki soon. Do you ever play online?

  13. @dave: yah, i always online when I’m on my ps3, I usually play around 9pm – 12pm (Eastern Australia time). Quite busy recently, only have around 1 hour per day to play 🙁

  14. yeah i feel you having to do work and bills..etc….being able to play is like my version of monday night football every chance i get… (^_^)

  15. Me 3 guys. But we have to do what we gotta do. Because a little time to play is better than no time. And plus working helps us buy this stuff!! 🙂

  16. oh yeah to answer your question…..when u level up it shows a “status screen of the character and which areas you got a “bonus pts.” such as +2 str etc… when u go into the menu [triangle] go to Status[the second button from upper left going down….and push [triangle again] you’ll go into another sub menu…..pick the 1st one [point distribution] and you’ll be able to up your stats from there… the only message when you level up says “are u satisfied with this?” DUE to the fact you can STAT increase when u level up…but cant use other PP unless you goint the menu stated above[like agrest senki]…. lol

  17. Thanks. One last thing hopefully, I just can’t figure out how to use those combo EX’s. I know how to do regular combos but not those. Can you help?

  18. how about single EX’s? you know abt that? works almost same way as the norm…..but ill get back 2 you to find a better way of clarifying : P

  19. [DAVE] :

    I’m Assuming you still need help so ……in order for you to make the “EX combo go on the “LIST” is that you need to experiment with there powers like i said ABOVE but to clarify/help…….

    a good start is “morgian, lynar, and Rozu[dude with Blue sword/blue hair]

    make sure theres at least 3 EX YELLOWS next to your bar [upper right hand corner] and then make sure when BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING…make sure you have all 3 characters in “EX” move ready[not necessary but due to the Timer ccount down it should make it easier]… don’t have to go in a certain order just make sure you do ALL3 of them in the countdown time…..and by the time the second person does the EX……a “COMBO will appear on the 3rd character….just like the Normal combo…..

    Helpful tips…

    1) SAVE before using the “Air Serch Radar” it consumes TP and for me…if your trying to get all the items from the shop…TP counts….[not until l8tr in the game when it gets a little easier]

    2) USe the R1 in dungeons and map….its RARE for me to get a “surprise attack” when you INITATE the battle…..unlike when you just let the sensor go red…

    3)wANT new combos or try things? the “practice mode inside the game makes things for newbies and veterians alike to see what combos they can make and also max out there EX bar without worrying to die.[MAX Ex BAR STAYS ONLY IN PRACTICE MODE..

    4)Check your “Da-Ta-Ba-Su” lol..DATABASE…..OFTEN….many ITEMS TO MAKE NEW WEAPONS ARE THERE AND helps make future battles easeir…

    5) Try Adding Power ups to items…..This is new to the “agrest twist” in which your weapon/accessory..etc…can have STAT boosts…i accidently fiddled around with it and wasted a good power up on a weak weapon and had to i had a game save from 2hours back…[i tend to make a 3 save game slot…1 original[play] 2 backups…[for movies,powerups/etc…]

    thats all for now…..i’ll add and answer questions here until the X-edge thing comes up……

    [Can you make a temp one up?] i’m sure GOOGLE searchers would love a place….and so would Dave..and ME…



  20. It Worked, you are a genius Thanks a million!!! That really helps out. How far are you. I’m actually pretty far and really strong with level 40 character taking out almost everyone.

  21. you playing on hard or normal?…i know from past experience hard gets you the special bosses and stuff so from having played [agrest senki] it taught me that HARD is safer….also sometimes the “true ending” or “new game+” nets you better things in hard mode….

    as for gameplay….i think i’m pretty much done or towards the boss…but i’m just trying to make notes and combos….trying to get all the DATABASE stuff unlocked…so thats gonna take me awhile…. I like to have 100%…its sort of a bad/good gamer way i do…

  22. I like to also try to get everything but sadly I punked out and picked normal mode because I don’t know that how you get everything like in Agarest Senki which I am going to buy soon from play asia.

  23. haha..try ebay and amazon …..i think its slighty cheaper used and some pepolee arent willing to commit to this style of gameplay….

  24. I loved the demo of the game and plus there is a guide on here which makes it even better. And I here that a lot of the elements in X Edge are in Agarest.

  25. yup yup…most of the power item, status..AP/SP/etc…….are from agarest…..i think the new thing is the added ITEM/WEApon stat booster and how the grid is more limeted and 4 ccharacters rather than 6…..lolprobably more differences and sames but i think BOTH are GREAT GAMES!!!

    walkthrough here is good 4 first gen…..jap wiki 4 the rest…..

  26. yup yup they have a LOT OF DLC….not to mention the new special Calanders they offer with agrest, x edge and some other games

  27. I have this game and i’m stuck(after talking with one-chan girl) it’s an event spot on the map near where you enter the world but the the tomb rock says 0/11 and i can’t figure out what that means does anybody know how to beat them cause in the manual there’s abunch of them

  28. Thanks Ron that helps me alot plus they’re making a USA version of this game for March 2009:)

    NISAmerica is doing this alongsite Namco&Capcom

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