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Just got my twitter set few days ago, and it think it’s quite neat for small news :)

my twitter id is ronaldhw let me know if you guys have twitter, so I can follow you all :D


Added! Mine’s seinime, great to have another aniblogger in the Twitter community ^^
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I’m unsure if I want follow someone named Ronald.

@Jura: then you don’t :)

Neat. Added you just now.

Just added you. Mines adun50
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Will follow! I’m jyuichi :)

Maybe I should start using Twitter…
I follow others…but maybe I should start to make mine…
I’ll start following yours too!!!

Dont have Twitter and probably one start with it but its nice to get some news on the run from you
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welcome to twitter, happy tweeting :D
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just added you. Welcome to the twitter comunity.. hehe
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I mainly post on plurk, but I integrated Plurk and Twitter so that my rants and stuff shows on both.

irasshai~ ^^ i don’t update too much but it’s a great distraction (for better or worse) at work ^^;
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Oh boy, you have fallen for the Twitters traps too! Twitter is really starting to leak in my world. Still I claim I don’t need any of it. Though I understand why people loves it.

Awesome. I will follow you. Mine is @S4ku
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ya i have twitter but i seldom use it. maybe once a week. lol. gordon_tk8316

btw bro i need your help. check your e-mail or visit my blog for more info. thanks. ^^
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Awesome~ Following you on twitter done.. XD
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Nice, now I can follow You :D

As for my twitter, I got one, but since i got Polish conterpart of twitter (called Blip) I’m barly writing anything there, and it’s not always in english, sometimes in polish too.

But well if You want, fell free to add me. I’m ” EShirou ” there ;)
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