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Bought this figurine several months ago, but untill now she is still my number one favorite figurine. This is my first attempt doing photograph using light box, made the box from Happy Soda’s tutorial.

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Second parcel from HLJ has arrived this morning, the box is huge, Yuukanalia alone filled 80% of the box… took 19 days shipping (SAL) for the box to arrive, and costed me total of 12066 yen (the shipping cost alone was 1780 yen), around A$133.

The box contained Max Factory 1/6 Yuukanalia priced 6476 yen from Kikou Majutsushi enchanter manga , and I have no idea what is it :p, and Good Smile Company Nendoroid Hetare Saber from Fate/Stay Night priced 3810 yen.

The box 😀


Front look of both figurine


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