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Happy 1 year anniversary

一年の記念日おめでとう !

Today, 16th January 2008, marks 1 year since I posted my 1st post in this blog. This blog name wasn’t at that time, it was (since it was hosted in my other domain ^^). I moved the blog to dedicated server and name it on the 1st May 2007 :D.

I want to give my thanks to all readers and fellow bloggers (too long to list ^^), and especially to HappySoda that inspired me to do figurine photograph (and blogging it).

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Shinku ~ Alter

Larger image

Finally, my Shinku arrived.. I missed ordering shinku from HLJ because I was on vacation, but luckily I found her at play-asia 😀 so happy.

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Larger image (1200×1600)

Chika and Miu from Ichigo Mashimaro, meido loli kawai figurines :p!

They are actually sold separately but it’s better for me to have them together as one figurine review set ^^ this figurines are non scale figurines, but I believe their size is around 1/7 (maybe larger, because they are kids, and kids tend to be smaller in size ^^). Each of them come with table, sofa, and an empty ice cream glass.

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