Back from holiday~ Tokyo Travel Summary

This place is actually a Pachinko center…

I’m back from overseas holiday (Japan and Indonesia), bought some rare loots ^^. Hit the jump for the summary.

oh, and this weekend (15-16 September), there will be Melbourne Anime Festival at Melbourne University, ticket will be $40 for Sat and Sun entries or $30 for 1 day entry. More information can be found on their website.

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Comiket Day 3, Cosplay Photos

Went to comiket today (and 2 days ago, but I didn’t take alot of photos ^^). Anyway, the queue to enter comiket was really terrible, I had to wait 50 minutes to get in, the queue is around 500m or more (maybe 1km). Here are some of the queue photos, there were like hundred thousands of people waiting to get in ><

Look at the queue @_@

Half way yay!


Now, the cosplay photos!

Warning there are 60 photos.. each photo has around 50k-80k size.

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