Animelo Summer 2008 was fun!

Animelo is great! both days Saturday and Sunday were great! too bad I can’t take picture inside.. they took my camera T_T

Seeing them directly is better! especially when you get 3rd row from front seat 😀

Best voice on Saturday was definitely Suara, her second song was very good. Nana, Yukarin, and Minorin also perfect, well everyone did very good 😀 check out danie~ post for more info about Saturday Animelo

On Sunday animelo, Momoi is definitely the best, Hocchan is also very cute!! JAM Project also very good (too bad no Okui.. well she was on the Saturday animelo tho..), and also the Idolm@ster girls were great, glad they sang plenty of idolm@ster songs, Relations was really good! oh and also Aya-chan looks chubbier and prettier 😀

When I heard Saturday Animelo theme song (Yells), I felt something was missing. which is JAM project voices, realized this on Sunday Animelo. it needs Kageyama voice!

Small post for today, the internet is way too unstable and also I need to pack my things, leaving Japan tomorrow.