1/6 Kokonoe Rin ~ Max Factory

Kokonoe Rin, from Kodomo no Jikan. The first Polo System (removable clothing) figurine created by Max Factory. Old figurine, but just got the chance to take her picture today 🙂 Bought this figurine on October 2007 (re-release, missed the Dec 06 initial release). There are two version of this figurine, this one and the one wearing blue bloomer (2006 Summer Wonder Festival Limited edition).

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Happy One Year Anniversary!

Happy 1 year anniversary otadesho.com.

一年の記念日おめでとうotadesho.com !

Today, 16th January 2008, marks 1 year since I posted my 1st post in this blog. This blog name wasn’t otadesho.com at that time, it was otaku@melbindo.com (since it was hosted in my other domain melbindo.com ^^). I moved the blog to dedicated server and name it otadesho.com on the 1st May 2007 :D.

I want to give my thanks to all readers and fellow bloggers (too long to list ^^), and especially to HappySoda that inspired me to do figurine photograph (and blogging it).

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1/6 Saber, Holiday Dress Version ~ by Good Smile Company

Not many figures that I want for this month 🙁 well except for the haruhi april restock from HLJ, but I’m not sure if I can get it. So rather than doing nothing, I took my old figurine and did some photo shoot, trying with different style 🙂


One thing I like about this figure is the superb quality, and the size is quite big 🙂

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Yuukanalia and Nendoroid Hetare Saber Arrived

Second parcel from HLJ has arrived this morning, the box is huge, Yuukanalia alone filled 80% of the box… took 19 days shipping (SAL) for the box to arrive, and costed me total of 12066 yen (the shipping cost alone was 1780 yen), around A$133.

The box contained Max Factory 1/6 Yuukanalia priced 6476 yen from Kikou Majutsushi enchanter manga , and I have no idea what is it :p, and Good Smile Company Nendoroid Hetare Saber from Fate/Stay Night priced 3810 yen.

The box 😀


Front look of both figurine


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