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Streaming Live Japanese TV for Free

Just found out this cool application that allows you watch Japanese Live TV for free, thought to share with you all πŸ™‚

List of available channel (may change) :
Swiss TV SF2
ABC Radio 1008 Osaka
TV Asahi
MBS Radio 1179 Osaka
RF Radio Japan AM1422
TV Tokyo
Nihon TV
Fuji TV

The quality is a lil bit low (youtube quality), but all are streamed real-time. and yes it’s legal πŸ™‚

The application is only for Windows, so Mac users (including me..) have to use bootcamp to view it. (New version supports mac, windows, and linux)

Download: link

[10 April 2009 Update]

Seems like the streaming site has stopped working, but I found another application to watch Japanese TV, download the program from:

[28 May2009 Update]

The site is back up, you can download the client again. This time they have windows, mac, and linux version. Thanks Satoshi for letting me know.


  1. Danny Choo’s avatar

    Search for “livestation” for mac.

    Danny Choos last blog post.. Figure Life

  2. Coco the Bean’s avatar

    Oh cool! Thanks! πŸ˜€

  3. Blowfish’s avatar

    Now i just have to learn Japanese…^^;

    Does it only work with japanese tv or with any countries channel-?

  4. Kenny Liu’s avatar

    Great find!

  5. Rin’s avatar

    That’s cool!!!!!!
    I’m going to check it out now!!!!!!
    Japanese shows, here I come!!!!!!

    Rins last blog post.. Study Study Study…

  6. Mini’s avatar

    Oh wow this is cool thanks so much! ^_^

    Minis last blog post.. Mini’s in despair!

  7. Sandykun’s avatar

    Wow!! I must give it a try!! Looks cool! ^^

    Sandykuns last blog post.. Talk About Code Geass

  8. ron~’s avatar

    @Danny: just had the time trying livestation.. it only has 2 japanese TV (which can’t be played as well πŸ™ )

  9. ETERNAL’s avatar

    Nice find, though I can’t understand nearly enough Japanese to really enjoy any of this stuff. Oh well, couldn’t hurt to have ^^;

    This also reminds me of why I’m a PC user ;P

    ETERNALs last blog post.. [Doujin Soft] – La Soeur de Barrage

  10. STRiKEALiCE’s avatar

    Wohoo awesome, now i can tune to japanese tv program XD

  11. Brad’s avatar

    If only they had NHK on the list. ;-(

    In any event, it seems to run fine under Parallels Desktop. So if you don’t feel like rebooting, the various virtual PC programs should be okay.

  12. kintaro’s avatar

    great f ind……had to watch JTV troygh order on cable box…maybe i can cancel it ?

  13. suki’s avatar

    Nice find! Thanks for sharing this ^^ Now I can practice my Japanese and watch differents shows!

    sukis last blog post.. Hobbies: deep or not?

  14. kintaro’s avatar

    anyone know how to find times and show for anime on the mentioned tv stations above??

    And below [LOL]

    Swiss TV SF2
    ABC Radio 1008 Osaka
    TV Asahi
    MBS Radio 1179 Osaka
    RF Radio Japan AM1422
    TV Tokyo
    Nihon TV
    Fuji TV

  15. ron~’s avatar

    Anime usually airs after midnight in Japan time, so try to find at that time heh

  16. kintaro’s avatar

    any “tv guide” websites? so i can pick? etc..etc…thanks!

  17. ron~’s avatar

    Here πŸ™‚ TV anime list


  18. makito’s avatar

    Thanks so much!
    I was able to watch Music Station Super Live! πŸ˜€ (currently watching, actually :P)

  19. mike’s avatar

    doesn’t work AT ALL.

  20. maya’s avatar

    i’ve been watching it for weeks now,
    but now that their server is down for fixing (22 Feb 2009), even their webpage is not working at the moment..
    I hope it comes back tomorrow, 2 days without my beloved jp tv is long enough..

  21. ami’s avatar

    it’s not working =(

    you say it’s down for maintenance? well….it’s 4/10/09 now so I dunno if it’s still down for maintenance.

  22. ron~’s avatar

    yeah, seems like it’s down.

    can use this for alternative:

  23. Satoshi’s avatar

    Actually, the site isn’t down and the program is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Just go here: , select your platform and then click the installer link and that’s it. Probably the reason to be down it’s because they’ve launched a new version and took out the old one from the server and the site.

  24. hiii’s avatar

    watch japanese TV here, it is free

  25. wes’s avatar

    keyhole tv for Japanese tv is ok but screen is too small, try the MMS (Windows media player) links – much better quality.

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