Soul Calibur 4 Omake

Soul calibur manga omake explaning the gameplay and the custom character feature in soul calibur 4 🙂

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will be great if someone can help translate this 🙂 My japanese is still bad, especially those kanji words… but I’m slowly (very!) working on the translation right now, page one translation should be ready by tomorrow (2nd July) 🙂

don’t you think that cassanda looks like saber? 😀

source: ps3forums

Translation moved to new post here

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  1. LOL. It’s rare to see soul calibur stuff this silly. Is that Siegfried on page 7?
    I wish I could translate this, but my understanding of Japanese is very poor. 🙁

  2. @sonic_ver2: i’ve translated the 1st page, but still need to reword most of them, going to take a while to do all, too many kanjis >< @k: soul calibur 4 is going to be released this 30th July ^^;

  3. Learning about how Soul Calibur 4 works…LOL!!!!!!!
    It is a sweet game with three Star Wars characters in it. It’s really sweet!!!!!
    I might get the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions since I have both systems.
    Hey Ron~ which system are you getting SC4 for?
    Xbox 360 has Yoda and PS3 has Darth Vader and both have Dath Vader’s secret apprentice. It’s a pretty sweet game to get.
    I love the SC series. Great fighting game!!!

    Rin’s last blog post..Movie Day 4

  4. oh man, that rhino did it for me – so funny! i’m glad you had a great trip! chicago is such a fun city. …unless you are stranded at the o’hare airport there overnight twice on christmas vacation. otherwise, love that city. 🙂 can’t wait to see some photos!

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  6. Denne har jeg lurt på om jeg skulle lese; og no, etter å ha lest anmeldelsen din, må jeg nok låne den med meg fra biblioteket :-)God helg Solgunn!

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