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Soul Calibur 4 Omake Translation

These are the translation of Soul Calibur 4 omake that I post on Tuesday. Actually I’ve updated the Tuesday post and added the translation there one by one, but I decided to create new post and put all the translation here.

Just finished all the translations today. This is my first time doing fansub, took me around 20 hours.. I was stuck in some uncommon katakana words, and also rephrasing the words in english wasn’t easy too @_@ now with this thing finished, I can do some figurine photo session for my next post 😀

You can find the japanese version here

Click the image for larger version.

Reading is from left to right

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Translation note: There are several conversation that may not have the same meaning with the Japanese version. In image 6, I totally changed the owarai / manzai joke, the English conversation is quite different with the Japanese version.

Thanks for everyone who helped me with the translation.

Hope you enjoy the translation ^^

[Added 29th July 08]

Soul Calibur 4 Omake Part 2 Translation (Chapter 3,4, and 5)

ps: The server is very slow today, I’m going to complain to my hosting provider. -_-

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  1. Blowfish’s avatar

    Its here and there a bit funky but is quite good for your first fansub^^
    Thanks alot! Now i can even read this instead of just looking at the pretty pictures

    Blowfish’s last blog post..Tsuki-Board

  2. lu-k’s avatar

    woho thanks for translating ^^ That’s a really funny presentation hehe.

    lu-k’s last blog post..Kanu Unchou

  3. Rin’s avatar

    Love the translations!!!!!!
    Funny comic!!!!!!!
    Be expecting something like this when Soul Calibur 4…

    Rin’s last blog post..Wonderland Day 2

  4. sonic_ver2’s avatar

    Thanks for the translation ron~!

    sonic_ver2’s last blog post..ISML – Real Sapphire Winner

  5. Coco the Bean’s avatar

    Ahh! I commented earlier but it seems like it didn’t show up. Anyway, thanks for the translation!

  6. Akiraman’s avatar

    Very funny managa where did you get that from?

    Akiraman’s last blog post..Chrono Trigger DS

  7. ron~’s avatar

    I wrote the source on the omake post (japanese). I got it via ps3forums, but I just found out that the original was from Japanese Gamespot

  8. Prim3’s avatar

    WOW! this did the translation yourself? Impressive! XD

    Oh ya, sometimes your blog quite hard to access 😛

    Prim3’s last blog post..Preview: Kokoro

  9. Larein’s avatar

    Thank you so much for the translations! I love these so much. XD

    Just wondering, does anybody know who the artist is for these comics? Their style seems familiar. >_>

    Larein’s last blog post..L Nendoroid

  10. ron~’s avatar

    The mangaka is Takato Rui (高遠るい).

    See this link to see list of his works

    yah, I’ve also seen his style in other manga 🙂

  11. Ez’s avatar

    Nice job. Cassie and Hilde are cute. There’s a new SC4 comic and you can find it here:

  12. NaturalChaos’s avatar

    I’m really looking forward to picking this up, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. Good job on the translation!

  13. Gareth’s avatar

    Well, I learned more from that than the “manual” that came with the game.

    They basically assume you already know how to play. The control mappings are insane; like M = Mid = K key = B on xbox controller.

    What happend to press BBAAX for your combo?

  14. @’s avatar

    can someone translate that new chapter?

  15. ron~’s avatar

    which new chapter? You can find the translation for chapter 3, 4, and 5 from link in the main post.

  16. Benjamin Lopez’s avatar

    Thanks a lot. This was amusing.

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