Soul Calibur 4 Omake Translation

These are the translation of Soul Calibur 4 omake that I post on Tuesday. Actually I’ve updated the Tuesday post and added the translation there one by one, but I decided to create new post and put all the translation here.

Just finished all the translations today. This is my first time doing fansub, took me around 20 hours.. I was stuck in some uncommon katakana words, and also rephrasing the words in english wasn’t easy too @_@ now with this thing finished, I can do some figurine photo session for my next post 😀

You can find the japanese version here

Click the image for larger version.

Reading is from left to right

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Translation note: There are several conversation that may not have the same meaning with the Japanese version. In image 6, I totally changed the owarai / manzai joke, the English conversation is quite different with the Japanese version.

Thanks for everyone who helped me with the translation.

Hope you enjoy the translation ^^

[Added 29th July 08]

Soul Calibur 4 Omake Part 2 Translation (Chapter 3,4, and 5)

ps: The server is very slow today, I’m going to complain to my hosting provider. -_-

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