Shuraki 02: Ryu Mei Feng ~ GSC

Ryu Meifeng from the Shuraki series. She’s the second Shuraki released by Good Smile Company (see the first Shuraki here). Her voice in the drama cd is voiced by Iizuka Mayumi.

She’s currently my favorite Shuraki from five Shurakis released so far πŸ™‚ love her expression and her pose, and she has very nice custom base too πŸ™‚

very good quality, but if you see carefully, I got very tiny black dot on her left (raising) arm, but it’s still ok ^^;

Closer view

She’s castoff-able as well, like the rest of the Shurakis. Undressing her is quite easy BUT putting back the clothes is HARD, hardest ever, especially putting back the white ribbons….. (which means she loves being undressed, and doesn’t want to me to put her clothes back hahaha)

Higher view

More higher hehe..

Now with her normal clothes (after 15 minutes of putting all back -_-). She has the best normal clothes compared to other Shurakis πŸ™‚

For more pictures of her, see Shino’s photos and SonicVer2’s πŸ™‚

Overall, she’s very nice figurine, good pose, good expression, good quality, can’t ask for more (can ask for less maybe.. less price! ><). Another thing is that if only her raising arm can be changed to \m/, I’m sure she’ll be as moe as Ranka-chan πŸ˜€

Next photos will be Shuraki 04 πŸ™‚ (did Shuraki 03 photos back in January)

Photography Note

My camera is still dirty.. but I find that the dust is not visible if I set my f/stop not lower than f/8. Normally I use f/16 to get most of part focused.. so in this shots all shots were limited to f/8, thus explains the blur on some pictures ^^;

And also, this one photoset has the least photo editing compared to my other white BGs photos, no auto levels, no change on min/max levels, no change on contrast, luminousity or saturation, I just changed the median level from 1 to 0.9, because she’s quite pale (well the actual figurine is pale ^^;)

Camera Info

Nikon D40, Sigma 150mm F2.8 Macro HSM Lens

Figurine Info


Good Smile Company




6800 yen

Release date

November 2007



22 Replies to “Shuraki 02: Ryu Mei Feng ~ GSC”

  1. i adore this figure, i was apprehensive about the shuraki series at first since they weren’t really form an anime or manga or game. But the moment i saw Meifeng i had to have her. But by then she was sold out everywhere so i was uber lucky to get a pre-order in for the second release. Since she was a my first Shuraki i assumed all the others were just as difficult on cast off until i got my Akatsuki Mishiro and it was super easy to take her clothes off.

    Dancing Queen’s last blog post..Downtime and Traveling

  2. Ive spent approximately half an hour to get her dressed again after taking of the plastic bag/wrapperthings.I never ever had so much problems with any other castoff figure.

    My Favorite Shuraki is Nida and Meifeng takes a close second place.
    I display mine in her normal outfit.That you actually changed the outfit twice for this photoshooting.I wouldnt have the nerve for it^^

    Nice Shots as always

    Blowfish’s last blog post..My nifty new Setup

  3. Cool shots, I’ve never really paid much attention when I was putting her clothes back on since it was such a struggle, so it’s nice to finally be able to see her totally cast-off as well as battle damaged. In fact, I thought there was something missing from shots 1 through 15 since I never really paid much attention to her other outfits and then I realized: “oh, battle damaged outfit” ^^; They really should offer a 10 bucks or so cheaper version for people like me who don’t really bother :p

    I really like the higher angles, especially for the full cast-offs, the lace (?) on her thighs would not be so visible otherwise and after seeing those shots, I’m really liking MeiFeng all over again. Never noticed that about her left thigh much before (other than the outer thighs) -_-;

  4. She look’s gorgeous. I finally gave into temptation when I saw her at play-asia 25% off summer sale. I was always a bit skeptical about her in general regardless of how many reviews I read. Well, since I got her in my hands and looking at the real thing, I make no regrets. ^^

    Oh boy, I might not even want to cast her off. It took me just over an hour to put Char normal clothes back on. -__-

    Optic’s last blog post..WhatÒ€ℒs in the box? 4

  5. Very nice shot, as always.

    This figure really gave me a hard time to put her clothes back, especially that ribbon. When i tried taking off her clothes at the first time, i took 1 hour to put her clothes back. I hadn’t opened the booklet at that time yet, and after i opened the booklet i realized that i missed the instruction manual.

    Anyway, i got that stain people kept talking about. What’s causing that stain anyway?

    sonic_ver2’s last blog post..Elwing – Mid year figure haul part 4

  6. @shino: hehe, I also prefer figure with 1 clothes, I seldom change their clothes =\

    @sonic_ver2: what stain? :O

    @adun: yeah, but it’s hell expensive ($90 just to clean the sensor) here.. going to clean it when I go to my home country after my Japan trip :p

  7. She’s delicious looking. Om nom. 😑

    The curves are so delicate and lovely on the figure, plus the high-hip panties are <3 with the pose.

  8. Yeah I can see the black spot πŸ˜› , my Mirei-san has also a very small black spot on her bra, only managed to find it after taking pictures XD. I think a small black spot doesn’t ruin this great figure ^^

  9. Wow she looks amazing,love her pose preferably with her normal clothes,gives her a more elegant flowing look.And I think she is the best out of the Shuraki’s:) because of her pose and her hair*you don’t see much anime figures with green hair*Great photo shoot Ron like always^^ keep em coming:D


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