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Shinku ~ Alter

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Finally, my Shinku arrived.. I missed ordering shinku from HLJ because I was on vacation, but luckily I found her at play-asia :D so happy.

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She’s definitely the best Shinku figurine, she looks exactly the same with the anime version :D Her pose comes from Rozen Maiden OVA Ouvertüre.

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The quality of this figurine is perfect. She is a must buy for Shinku fans

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The details are superb, everything are done nicely.

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Great job from Alter, Now I just need to wait for Alter to make Hina Ichigo ^^; my two most favorite Rozen Maidens ^^

Camera Info

Nikon D40, AF-S Nkkor 18-55mm Lens

Figurine Info





Non Scale (as big as 1/8 figurine)


6800 yen ($58.90 @ Play-Asia using coupon)

Release date

Sep 2007


In stock at Play-Asia


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very nice looking shinku, very detail. I really like how Alter do the twirls for her hair. She also comes with one of the nicest box design I have seen.

valho’s last blog post: Eureka, Eureka, Eureka

Lovely pictures! This Shinku is also the one I prefer. She very closed to the anime design, and it’s easy to imagine roses flowing out from her hand ^^
Though, this is one of those figure I canceled the preorder… not enough money for buying everything unfortunately hehe.
Maybe in one or two month, if she’s still available…

lu-k’s last blog post: Akihime ★ Sumomo

Missed this figure too, due to sitting on the fence much too long deciding. Feeling the regret now as it is :/ Everything about this figure is just so sweet by the time it hit me, she was gone and the local shop didn’t manage to get her :(
Can’t give up hope yet though, since I’ve been recharged by your sweet pics and it’s time to pick up the mouse and go hunting =D~ *gao~*

shinohai’s last blog post: もえたん ~Moetan – Pastel Ink~

@valho: yah her box is one of the nicest figurine box ^^ and huge too :D

@lu-k: yep, she’s the best shinku :D it’s hard to find her.. lucky that play-asia restocked her, i bought her immediately :p

@shinohai: chop chop, get her while you can!

She looks nice, and the colors are really vibrant. Btw, I like how you took the photos, using a black background with roses. Nice!

§oL’s last blog post: Hayate no Gotoku is WIN!

Ah, nice. The quality is really superb, but expected from Alter XD
Black background does indeed fit her quite nicely :3

Now with the formals out of the way, ARG I dislike Shinku with a passion after watching Overture =_=

Aya Kyunik’s last blog post: White ante Death

I was able to grab Shinku really late like you did. And like you I was really happy I did ^^ She’s a lovely figure, all the way to her awesome box xD

Great pictures! The rose background is indeed a perfect choice.
I wouldn’t mind a Hina figure, but I’d love for Alter to do a Suiseiseki figure too :3

aka_ugly’s last blog post: Gradeschoolers Have Never Looked So HOT!

Yeah my Shinku is part of the Tower of Figures backlog, so it’ll be a while till I take photos of her.

Adun’s last blog post: Supanova Sydney 2007 – Merchandise Purchases

@§oL: that’s not rose :p can’t find rose around my place hehe :D

@Aya: How can you dislike shinku >< *spoiler* she even taught suigintou walking! >< and said sorry for calling suigintou junk *spoiler*

@aka_ugly: need good hina ichigo figure.. wave's suisekeki looks good :D

@adun: I'm waiting for your shinku photo :D

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