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Saimoe 2008 Round 4

Now we are into the round 4, the block final. The result from last round was quite normal, the only surprises were when Miyako won over Rena (well, I’m happy tho hehe), Tsukasa won over Nagi (Nagi was the runner up from last saimoe!), and also the loss of Konata.

Links: Official Saimoe 2008 Site :: Competition Diagram

If you plan to vote, please follow the instruction here or here

Below you can find the break down of the finals, which starts from the 19th of October (Japanese Time).

Block Finals (Round 4)

Block A

19 October 08

Ibuki Fuuko
「Higurashi no Naku Koroni Kai」(1003)

Block B

20 October 08

Chiba Kirino
「Bamboo Blade」(1023)
Yuuki Mikan
「To Love-ru」(888)

Block C

19 October 08

Hiiragi Kagami
「Lucky Star」(1448)
Fujibayashi Kyou

Block D

20 October 08

Sakagami Tomoyo
「Hidamari Sketch」(1007)

Block E

21 October 08

「Shakugan no Shana II」(898)
Kawazoe Tamaki
「Bamboo Blade」(1058)

Block F

22 October 08

Furukawa Nagisa
Yagami Hayate
「Nanoha StrikerS」(1047)

Block G

21 October 08

Mizunashi Akari
「Aria the Origination」(861)
Hiiragi Tsukasa
「Lucky Star」(1131)

Block H

22 October 08

Isurugi Noe
「True Tears」(926)
Katsura Hinagiku
「Hayate no Gotoku」(1312)

4 Days match for round 4

19 October:
Block A: Fuuko vs Hanyu
Block C: Kagami vs Kyou

20 October:
Block B: Kirino vs Mikan
Block D: Tomoyo vs Miyako

21 October:
Block E: Shana vs Tamaki
Block G: Akari vs Tsukasa

22 October
Block F: Nagisa vs Hayate
Block H: Noe vs Hinagiku

Bolded are the ones that I’m going to support 🙂 Some are still undecided, too tough to decide ><


  1. Mini’s avatar

    HANYUUUUU~! yay!

  2. ron~’s avatar

    result from first match:

    *Total vote (including fakes) -> Valid vote


    1位→1位 2331票→1372票 伊吹風子@CLANNAD
    2位→2位 1859票→1003票 羽入@ひぐらしのなく頃に解

    1位→2位 2148票→*988票 藤林杏@CLANNAD
    2位→1位 2047票→1448票 柊かがみ@らき☆すた

    Winner Fuuko and Kagami

    There were quite many fake votes there.. as you can see kyou received 2148 total votes but only 988 after the fakes counted out.

  3. ron~’s avatar

    Kirino and Tomoyo won for the 2nd day match. Miyako was leading untill final hour rush..

    ■第1試合 Bf
    1位 1023票 千葉紀梨乃@バンブーブレード(Chiba Kirino@Bamboo Blade)
    2位 888票 結城美柑@To LOVEる(Yuuki Mikan@To Love Ru)

    ■第2試合 Df
    1位 1046票 坂上智代@CLANNAD(Sakagami Tomoyo@CLANNAD)
    2位 1007票 宮子@ひだまりスケッチ 特別編(Miyako@Hidamari Sketch)

  4. ron~’s avatar

    ■第1試合 Ef
    1位 1058票 川添珠姫@バンブーブレード
    2位 898票 シャナ@灼眼のシャナii

    ■第2試合 Gf
    1位 1131票 柊つかさ@らき☆すた
    2位 861票 水無灯里@ARIA シリーズ

    Tamaki and Tsukasa won, poor akari 🙁

  5. ron~’s avatar

    Nagisa and Hinagiku won the last round 4 match

    ■第1試合 Ff
    1位 1198票 古河渚@CLANNAD
    2位 1047票 八神はやて@魔法少女リリカルなのはStrikerS

    ■第2試合 Hf
    1位 1312票 桂ヒナギク@ハヤテのごとく!
    2位 926票 石動乃絵@true tears

    next round will be the quarter final round, starting at 25th of October.

  6. ron~’s avatar

    And the quarter final draws are:

    Kagami vs Tomoyo (25th)
    Tamaki vs Nagisa (26th)
    Tsukasa vs Fuuko (27th)
    Kirino vs Hinagiku (28th)

    Why do I feel that the final will be all Clannad character… but I hope this time Kagami will win the match =

    I’ll make new post about the quarter finals

  7. k’s avatar

    i’m looking for a tamaki win ^^

    ks last blog post.. Manhattan Clam Chowder Instant Noodles