Saimoe 2008 Best 8 / Quarter Finals

Round 4 just finished, there are only 8 characters left now. The result from last round was lil bit dissapointing for me, but as expected tho.. Miyako, Shana, Akari all dropped 🙁 but I’m still happy tho, since I’m rooting for Kagami to win this match heh, ganbatte Kagami-chan!

Links: Official Saimoe 2008 Site :: Competition Diagram

If you plan to vote, please follow the instruction here or here

Below you can find the break down of the Quarter finals, which will start from the 25th of October (Japanese Time).

Quarter Finals


25 October 08

Hiiragi Kagami
「Lucky Star」(1138)
Sakagami Tomoyo


26 October 08

Kawazoe Tamaki
「Bamboo Blade」(891)
Furukawa Nagisa


27 October 08

Hiiragi Tsukasa
「Lucky Star」(1049)
Ibuki Fuuko


28 October 08

Chiba Kirino
「Bamboo Blade」(750)
Katsura Hinagiku
「Hayate no Gotoku」(934)

This time is harder to decide which one to support; The only one that get 100% support from me is Kagami-chan, and for the rest maybe I’ll vote for Tamaki, and Hinagiku. Still can’t decide for Fuuko or Tsukasa…. leaning to Tsukasa at the moment tho..

Past Saimoe Best Eight

Saimoe 2007

1 Rika(Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)
2 Nagi(Hayate no Gotoku)
4 Shinku(Rozen Maiden)
4 Rena(Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)
8 Takamachi Nanoha(Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)
8 Izumi Konata(Lucky Star)
8 Louise(Zero no Tsukaima)
8 Hiiragi Tsukasa(Lucky Star)

Saimoe 2006

1 Suiseiseki(Rozen Maiden)
2 Fate Testarossa(Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s)
4 Shana(Shakugan no Shana)
4 Chikaru Minamoto(Strawberry Panic!)
8 Eri Sawachika(School Rumble)
8 Nagato Yuki(Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu)
8 Elulu(Utawarerumono)
8 Tosaka Rin(Fate/stay night)

Saimoe 2005

1 Takamachi Nanoha(Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)
2 Souseiseki(Rozen Maiden)
4 Shinku(Rozen Maiden)
4 Re Mii(ZOIDS: Genesis)
8 Natsuki Kuga(Mai HiME)
8 Shizuru Fujino(Mai HiME)
8 Kanna(AIR)
8 Katsura Seina(Best Student Council)

If you compare with the previous Saimoe, this year Saimoe is a lil bit bland.. only 4 anime made it to the best eight.. Clannad, Bamboo Blade, Lucky Star and Hayate no Gotoku; and 5 characters are from Kyo-Ani… but thank god with the Quarter Final draw, there won’t be all Kyo-Ani semi finals heh (at least either Kirino or Hinagiku will be in the semi)

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  1. Qf1
    1位 1138票 柊かがみ@らき☆すた(Hiiragi Kagami@Lucky*Star)
    2位 790票 坂上智代@CLANNAD(Sakagami Tomoyo@CLANNAD)

    Yay for Kagami!

  2. Qf2
    1位 953票 古河渚@CLANNAD(Furukawa Nagisa@CLANNAD)
    2位 891票 川添珠姫@バンブーブレード(Kawazoe Tamaki@Bamboo Blade)

    very close match, Tamaki was leading until the last 2 hours, great match. grats to Nagisa

  3. Qf3
    1位 1049票 柊つかさ@らき☆すた(Hiiragi Tsukasa@Lucky*Star)
    2位 894票 伊吹風子@CLANNAD(Ibuki Fuuko@CLANNAD)

    Tsukasa won! I predict both the final will be Tsukasa vs Kagami :O

  4. Qf4
    1位 934票 桂ヒナギク@ハヤテのごとく!(Katsura Hinagiku@Hayate no Gotoku!)
    2位 750票 千葉紀梨乃@バンブーブレード(Chiba Kirino@Bamboo Blade)

    Grats for Hinagiku!

    A lil bit surprised that almost all but one clannad girls were dropped in the QFs.

    Kagami received the most votes for this Qf, and the most percentage as well.

    The semi will start tomorrow. I’m rooting for Kagami to win!

    Semi Finals:

    Kagami vs Nagisa (30th October 2008)
    Tsukasa vs Hinagiku (31st October 2008)

    I’ll make new post tomorrow covering the semi finals and final.

  5. Konata TT___TT she’s gone~

    Now, either Hinagiku or Kagami would be OK for me~

    But looks like this year we gonna have decent result, coz last year everybody in downloadAnime forum (including me) quite disappointed at the result~

    GerryMons last blog post.. The Fall 2008 Anime Season

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