Rozen Maiden Dollfies

First of all, they are not my photos, and I don’t own any dollfie (yet?). Got this pictures from Sakura Color, and Dridoller. They made such great picture of customized dollfie that I need to save them in my blog 🙂

Hit the jump to see the pictures (50+ pictures)


Customized dollfie. I like dridoller kirakishou, very pretty 😀

All pictures are taken from dridoller site


Suigintou wallpaper (1600×1200)



Barasuishou wallpaper (1600×1200)


She is very pretty.. makes me want to get one myself >_<

Kirakishou wallpaper (1600×1200)


Sakura Color

Customised Dolfie as well. I like Sakura Color Suigintou the most, looks like the anime version 😀

All pictures are taken from Sakura Color.





Hina Ichigo


Volks is dollfies maker, you can buy these dollfies if you lucky enough, since all of them are limited edition.

All pictures are taken from Volks site





Hina Ichigo

Dolls Party

Dolls Party is a dollfie event, just like wonder festival or comiket, but specializes for dolls. Dolls Party is held twice a year, in April/May and December, the location is at Tokyo Big Sight. You need to come here if you want to get limited edition dollfie 🙂

Next Dolls Party: Dolls Party 19, 27 April 2008

To know more about dollfie, you can read Moe Idolatry’s article: Dollfie Euphoria, or visit dollfie community Den of Angels.

104 Replies to “Rozen Maiden Dollfies”

  1. Is there a website other than ebay to by a simlar model of Kirakishou(dridoller) model? And an estmite of what it would cost?

  2. Kirasishou, Barasuishou and all the other Rozen Maiden dolls in these pics (except the Volks ones) are custom dolls. That means that the owner bought blank dolls and then paint them, modded them, made the clothes, etc. So there’s no way to get them anywhere, they are one of a kind dolls (the only way is if the owners sold them) The Sakura Color’s dolls are Super Dollfies from Volks which heads are heavily modded. The Dridoller’s dolls are Obitsus and Dollfie Dreams modded too.

    And the Volks ones are waaaay too expensive, plus, they don’t look so much like them :S

    Well, I was dying for a Souseiseki doll, so I bought a 58cm resin ball jointed doll I thought that looked like her, completly blank and customized her myself (and I didn’t modding her at all. It wasn’t necesary). I’m really proud of her, cause all people says she looks a lot like Souseiseki. All of you can do the same. Just have to find the right doll 😉

  3. @ron: Here she is! <3

    I did her make and cut her wig. I made her blouse (but I comissioned the rest of her outfit to a friend and her mom) and her pink dress too. She has a Super Dollfie girl body, the original one. Oh, and her right eye IS green, it’s just that it doesn’t show so much in the pic.

  4. wow these are amazing. Man i want them so bad! But it will take a long time to save up that kind of money =( sigh.

  5. Man, I think I want to get suigintou and souseiseki the most.

    Suigintou looks really cool and is probably the doll that probably has the most physical traits of her anime character without looking too creepy.

    And Souseiseki, well, she’s just my favorite character

  6. … my goodness, I want them all so so badly. though they don’s have Canaria there, which makes me a little sad. but boy howdy I want one.

    i think kirakishou and Hina Ichigo i would buy first. lol.

    perfect gift for a doll enthusiast, Rozen Maiden fan, or both.
    this has made it a happy day in my book. lol

  7. Is it possible to go to japan and go to those doll fesivals or what ever they’re called and if i were to go how much would it cost for the Sakura Color Suigintou doll? and the flight out there? Cause i would do annything for one of those dolls and my mom wont let me buy one thats so expensive!! $4,000 is WAYYYY too much for a doll!!! and when is the nxt doll convention in Japan?

  8. can some one please give me a link on how to get one of these doll(Suiseiseki mainly) i like the one(i think its called dridoller) sorry i dont really understand alot of things like the lingo but please email me as much info PLEASE ^.^

  9. @Bridgette: LUCKY!!! Where did u get it?

    Suigintou is my absolute FAVORITE character. I like the Dridollar one the most. =3

  10. hi bridgette where can i buy suigintou i really love her shes my favorite im crying to death to have her.,….! please tell me

  11. I wish I had on of them.
    yet I can not trust e-bay. who can garantee the doll gets here?
    and how much am i going to spend?
    if only was a store here in Portugal

  12. Those are beautiful dolls, especially Dridoller’s Kirakishou and Sakura Color’s Suigintou. A question: does Sakura Color have a e-mail address? I would like to ask a question there, but I do not see any e-mails or any form of contact. Thank you for your help in advance!

  13. Can somebody please help me understand the Japanese writings at Dridoller site? I so badly want to know how can I purchase Rozen Maiden dolls :'( PLEASE!

  14. When I have the money I want to make customised dollfies and sell them. the rozen maiden ones and last unicorn one i will not sell, but the rest i will. with dollfies you need a special room for them with thr right temperature bewcause of the stuff they are made from

  15. en cuanto salen todas con sus accsesorios todo en pesos y tienen sus maletitas, hacen envios a valle hermoso o reynosa?

  16. Wow these dolls are really expensive now o_O following the auction links, Souseiseki and Suiseiseki are selling for US$12,000, Suiginto is at US$12,500 and Shinku at US$18,500, wish i had the money to buy them 4 years ago 🙁

    Suiginto is my favorite btw, just love her :p

  17. hello I would like to have one, Shinku and Suigintou to not sell them if you like this or this, but if so, what is your price and you send them to me or?
    I live in mexico, please Answer me the need for May

  18. Actually,buying your own dollfie dream parts and body and then custom made the clothes and wig cost way less than the volks one, volks can cost usd 12000+ , whilst custom making one yourself is about 2000-5000 usd i think. and making it yourself allows you to adjust the details too. Ima gonna try doing Suigintou when i got enougjh miney. Suigjntou is my girly girl, love her always.

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  22. I want to buy all of the Rozen Maiden dolls especially my long lost daughter Hina-Ichigo (Just joking). I just don’t know where and how. I really don’t want to buy a body of a doll and customize it since I’m not artistic. What should I do? Volks Version of them looks very distant from the anime so buying a Volks Version of them is totally a BIG NO. What to do? If I customize it, can someone help me?

  23. Hola Lesha, me temo que si quieres una rozen maiden parecida a las del anime tendrás que hacerla tu, si no sería imporsible :c

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