Ramen: Mi Goreng Kriuuk, Pedas (Hot Flavour)

It’s been a while since i post my last ramen review, because I mostly ate this for my lunch.

This Mi Goreng noodle is the best instant dry noodle I’ve eaten so far (this one is the best for instant soup noodle). Be careful this noodle is very spicy, may not suit your taste ^^.

Microwave cooking suggestion (what I usually did at my lunch hour :p)

  • Put 2 noodles in microwave safe container (don’t put the seasonings yet)
  • Pour hot water, and make sure the noodles are covered with hot water
  • Put the container into microwave, set the the power to very high and timer to 1 minute.
  • After 1 minute, stir the noodle, and set the microwave to 40 seconds (more if you want softer noodle).
  • dry the noodle, and put all the seasonings, chilly, oil etc and mix them well.
  • Optional: Add dried shrimp chilly and/or spicy anchovies. ^^b
Type boil/microwave noodle
Size 90 gram
Soup taste No soup, dry
Spicyness very ultra spicy!
Fork not included
Origin Indonesia
Score ramenok.jpg

5 Replies to “Ramen: Mi Goreng Kriuuk, Pedas (Hot Flavour)”

  1. Something to help those w/ no Indo-speaking background — particularly on how to pronounce ‘Kriuk’: It spells as kri-ü-k

    Kri — pronounced as ‘Kri’, like ‘cri’ in ‘critical’
    U — pronounced as ‘ü’, like ‘oo’ in ‘ooze’ or ‘oops’

    I like that instant noodle too~ both as snack and (desperate) main dish.

  2. I love Indo-Mie’s Mi Goreng!!! The Indo-Mie in Malaysia is a bit different and not spicy at all though. Shocked to see ‘Mi Goreng’ on the title..haha..It may be delicious but you don’t want to know how ‘clean’ are the factories..@@

  3. AHH!! Nostaligia! Mi Goreng was my FAVOURITE when i was a kid…and I live in Canada. I don’t see it sold in markets here anymore.

    I loved the onion oil + sweet thick soy…i then topped it with a runny egg. mmmmmm

    Curse you! It’s late here, I’m hungry, and on a diet before i go to Hawaii and you post THIS??!! =P”’

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