PS3: Trinity Universe

Yep that’s Etna in 3D cell shaded model! A JRPG game for PS3, called Trinity Universe, another collaboration JRPG (similar like Cross Edge).

Read more to see the full page scans.

This RPG is scheduled for August 2009 for 7329yen. This game uses 3D model and 2D for the CGs (similar to Atelier Rorona) , developed by Idea Factory, Gust, and Nippon Ichi. The game seems to have the angel characters from Gust series and demon characters from Nippon Ichi series. Will post more when there are more news around.

Etna and Flonne in HD 3D model? must buy 😀

Below are the Famitsu magazine scans (click to see bigger image)

picture source: 4chan

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  1. I do hope this will be released in English. Damn… those developers are too fast. I planned on buying Cross Edge US version this May, and before that happens, Trinity Universe has already announced.

  2. It’s quite possible to have a western release, the Japanese game companies have finally realize that if they want to gain more profits and make more and better games they have to localize them in the west. So if this is schedule to August of this year perhaps in beginning of 2010 or around March or April next year we’ll see a wester release

    Belela-sans last blog post.. Hayate Yagami, the S class Mage

  3. yeah, I’m sure tomorrow this RPG will be announced for English release, Since Nippon ichi USA already announced few days ago that they will announce an unknown rpg tomorrow

  4. Hopefully the crossover will work and I like the idea of a 3D Etna instead of using a sprite.

  5. Gambare! nippon ichi! love to see it when the US finally gets some games ! lol….still waiting on FFXIII though [demo teased me too much! i’ve played it like DOZENS of times now =P] winter can’t come ne sooner! argh!

  6. Seems like this game will have English release, because the trophy is in English if you have your PSN region set to non Japan. first time I see full japanese game with english trophies..

  7. Currently near the “end game” and just lvin’g up to get the “character love” trophie (^_^) after that imma beat the game and see if theres a NG+ or something…lemme know if you need help, or if you find a good “wiki/walkthrough” site..lemme know cuz i’d like sometips as well…[information is power!} TTYL ……


    Slightly different from normal idea-factory in which you have more of a range of attacks by either using a light/strong/magic/attk all kind of thing and depending on which button/combinatino you use, it eats up AP, Action Points, and within those “buttons” you can “combo” by pushing a “set/certain” button order in which the character will do “added damage” but there are also “team comobos” in which you must perfor about 8-9hits continusly or combo about twice[not 100% sure ] but for me that’s what i’ve been doing…neways back to the Team combo, the higher number of combos before you push {R1 default on PS3 controler i think] there will be a sort of “timer ring in which HIGHLIGHTED will be a small-medium-large portion highleted in BLUE in which you’ll have a chance to push a BUTTON which represents a character from your team [provided your not fighting alone]. neways thers no “order” in which the “characters you prefer to comobo will apear, it just takes practice if you have a preference/order you want to attack your enemy, as for me, i chose the partneres/characters that have the easier ‘combo/skill set to remember so that i have a bigger Highighted/blue section to combo with…..along with combos you have 6 small green balls that surronund your “ap” gauage which fills up as a ORANGE color as you combo/attack/etc….once with a Min of TWO is filled you can push/click R3 button which acceses a “special/ex sort of move” and also if you you need healing for that character if you don’t have “healing magic yet” you can HOLD down the “O button” in which it’ll Heal you constantly at a rate of 100hp i think while the “orange depelets” …i think thats it for battle wise… the game has shops/planets/dungeons and palces you can access along with monster creation, eequipemetn creation, and some other stuff. but i’m trying to make this “short” in which i Failed…lol…

    Story wise [its pretty good if you understand japanese] and the characters remind me of Agarest Senki Zero in which they have “moving parts” while they talk, lol…

    Overall i give this game about 4 out of 5 stars..just cuz i’m not done yet and since i’m a JRPG/RPG fan i prefer/like these games…..besides Bayonetta that i’m waiting to get along with TEKKEN 6 i’m just playing this for now (^_^)….

    Sorry ROn, i took up so much space

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