PS3 tan 1st Rough Draft

Not too happy with the current PS3 tan art in the internet, so I decided to draw my own version 🙂 Anyway, this one is the 1st rough draft. Need input and suggestion, what should I put on her arm and boots, also i’m going to change her boots, but still not sure about the design.

I’ve got input to make her hips (and thigh, and also butt) a lil bigger, so I’ll do that, no need to mention that again heh..

*this one is a very rough draft, so the coloring is just there to help you see better, not the final coloring ><

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  1. Very good for a first rough, all that is needed is the details which is always a nice game of trial and error to see what looks good, my ideas are to add some air ventilation look to the arms or boots, I would make the sleeves a bit higher up her arms, it seems a bit odd to me, also the legs seem a bit too long and that’s all I can think of, well good luck and please make it full HD worthy.

  2. Seeing her reminded me of Alicia in Valkyria mode, haha. Anyway, very nice concept there!

    You know, you could add those circle, triangle, square, and X symbol somewhere on her clothes. Oh and, i dunno what’s your plan on the boots, but you could add long boots with highheels or something to that effects.

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  3. @cassac: hmm air vent, nice idea! going to consider that 🙂 thank you

    @sonic_ver2: haha you are the 2nd person saying that.. i’m planning to put those buttons on her arm.. but still not 100% sure

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