PS3 Home IM@S Haruka Costume GOT!

Yay after playing the roulette for 8 hours, I finally collected all the parts of Haruka from Idol master for my Home Avatar πŸ˜€ For you who doesn’t know about PS3 Home, it’s a second-life like game from Sony, it’s free for all PS3 user πŸ™‚ currently you can get these costume only in Japanese Home, so you need to make Japanese account πŸ™‚

To get these parts you have to play the roulette game in Namco lounge. There are only 4 possible outcome from the roulette: Γ£ΒΒ―Γ£ΒΕ‘Γ£β€šΕ’ (no win), 765/961 logo (500ml can), characters logo (350ml can), and “?” (the costume part). There are 4 types of roulette machines (wandering star-yellow, perfect sun-red, missing moon-yellow, and 961 girls-gold); each machine gives different part of the costume! the chance of getting the costume part is around 1% i think…

I got soo many cans from the roulette, and I cant put them all in my home studio since they only limit around 50 objects lol.

With others dancing in namco lounge!

People trying their luck in the roulette machine.

quite happy that I can get all the costume part πŸ˜€ If you have PS3 come to JP PSN Home, and try your luck!

Camera Info

Nikon D40, AF-S Nkkor 18-55mm Lens

17 Replies to “PS3 Home IM@S Haruka Costume GOT!”

  1. you’re quite lucky in the roulette, but it kinda scares me too, like the one above me mentioned. its kinda creepy.

  2. hahahaha that’s hilarious! man, the close ups of the cans are so detailed!

    just got the psp idol master, wish i had a japanese xbox to play the full version of the game…

    meronpans last blog post.. Akiba Loot

  3. Not interested in PS3 Home. Downloaded, installed it, played around with it then quit. I guess, after playing around with the Mii’s on the Wii, I kinda over with avatar creation.

  4. Good job! I cant find the last roulette machine. I know near the big screen is a yellow machine (gives boots), next red (mask), and blue (lower part)… i dont know where is the last one (top part) can u help me??

  5. @spawn: the last one is in different room, there’s another door located behind your spawn point in the namco lounge.

  6. OMG – I have been in the namco beta so many times and never knew there was another room! LOL No wonder I couldn’t figure out how to get the top LOL. Thanks for the info!!! πŸ˜€

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