Play-Asia Shipping Error

Yesterday I received my first parcel of this year from Play-Asia

The content supposes to be a figurine, Maryan figurine from Kotobukiya that I had planned to take photo yesterday…


It was something else! ><

– A component cable for PS3
– A wii skin guard
– A 1000 yen JPN PSN voucher

Great……. great thing to start this year heh… I guess I will still have to wait for my 1st figurine to arrive for this year :p (which will probably Alter’s Gwendolyn)

I’ve sent email to them yesterday but still haven’t got reply from them (sent all those images as well). Any of you had experienced this issue before?

I’ll put update here when I receive reply from Play-Asia.


Got email from them to return the item back to them:

> Please post by normal airmail and we could refund you the postal cost by
> our store credit. With your return parcel please include a letter
> describing your problem as well as your order ID as reference number.
> Latest will be very important for us to handle your case. We are now
> investigating your case and will ship you the correct items soon.


Sent the item to them via air-mail. Quite expensive shipping cost.. $17.35

I hope they refund this shipping cost and ship my item soon..


Received the correct item, and play-asia refunded my shipping with coupon.. (why coupon! that means I cant combine with $10 or $8 off..)

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  1. Woah that sucks really bad, sometimes I get the fear of not getting what I ordered or the merchandising not arriving at all. Once I ordered a pre-owned game from amazon uk and the game that came had the box of the game I ordered but the game inside was a different one but from the same series. I sent the game back after contacting the dealer via e-mail and thankfully they made a complete refund

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  2. It’s a packaging fault.

    I once experienced that too, getting Soul Calibur XBox game instead of my ARIA and kure-nai soundtrack CD… -_-;

    They’ll ask you to take a clear picture of the receipt and the goods, then send the things back to them. They’ll refund the shipping cost to Hong Kong as a coupon, and send your actual parcel ASAP.

    Not a big problem for me (because it wasn’t a Nana item), but enough reason to fully migrate to CDJapan after that..

  3. The same thing happen to my friend last month, he ordered Klan Klan from PA but what arrived was some Dragonball/One Piece figure.
    And yeah he had to do the same thing danie~ mention above to get his Klan Klan.
    I got quite a number of orders from PA this year, praying they don’t send me the wrong thing =.=|||||

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  4. I had somewhat the same problem as you…
    I received a package from Play Asia and I got half my order…
    I ordered a DJ Max poster but got the game instead…
    I’m not complaining as I’m giving it bchan on his bday…but still….how did that happen…

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  5. I’d never tried buying oversea, can i know if I’ll be charged taxes if i buy figures from yes-asia?

  6. Damn! Seems like they swapped the parcels when they slapped the sticker on there…
    I wonder if youll get a taxrefund from the customs?I guess you had to pay toll?

  7. ai yoh!!!
    See!!! That’s why I dounch like purchasing things online. -.-! I ‘d like to see touch and molest the box before I pay the dosh. haha.

  8. @Blowfish: luckily no, there’s no tax from custom 🙂

    @dice: O_O you molest the box before you pay it? :O

    @James: haha i got component cable already, but I’m using hdmi atm 😀

  9. Ayia~ It’s been so long =_= Anyway…

    Lol that sux. I’d be really pissed if that were to happen to me. I hope you get your refund and your figure soon!

    (Btw ron, I changed my blog’s URL ^^;)

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  10. I understand how you feel cuz I’ve been a victim of a wrong item shipped from PA not just once but twice..

    the first wrong item was a Real Action Heroes Asuka by Medicom instead of 1/10 Asuka Sugo by Wave but didn’t return the item since it’s a huge bonus to have a wrong but “expensive” figurine. Second was Square-Enix Final Fantasy 7 AC Sephiroth instead of Gurren Laggan booster card box & bleach heat the soul 5 mini towel, shipped the action figure back to them then received the correct item thereafter. It really hurts to pay Php800+ shipping the wrong item!!!

  11. It’s frustrating how they offer store credit as refund. If you made a cancellation, that makes sense. However, they made a mistake on this occasion.

    Also, returning the item involves effort. So, perhaps they could’ve provided a little bonus. You know, a $10 voucher or something. But hey, everybody makes mistakes.

    Hopefully this won’t happen to me @_@.

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  12. haha that is such a coincidence …i wanted my saber figma to come in ages ago but i got some stupid dragonball z game and im all WTF
    lol i live in australia too yaay fellow australian otaku (verry hard to come by)

  13. I want to connect my nvidia gts 450 with my hdtv. The nvidia card has an hdmi mini port and my tv has a normal hdmi port. I need at least a 15ft cable. Should I buy an adapter to fit a normal hdmi cable or buy a cable with one end mini hdmi and the other normal hdmi?

    Thanks in advance.

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