1st Post, 1st Figurine ~ 1/8 Dark Saber by Alter (bootleg)

My 1st Figurine bought from AnimeZone in box hill, and yea~ this one is the bootleg version from Alter Dark Saber. Bought this two weeks ago for A$45 (cheaper than the original but not that much…) to make it worse I spent A$95 total (this saber, and 8 pieces of fate/stay night trading figures) in that shop, and all of them are bootlegs. Well at that time I don’t know anything about anime figurine, but now I’m getting better.

If you guys bought something cheap from AnimeZone, 100% that figurine is bootleg version.

Photo taken by me using Kodak EasyShare V530

Difference with original:

  • The original has darker suit, and more vibrant color.
  • The original has her upper stocking white triangles nicely painted while the fake one isn’t, the real one should look like this