1st HLJ and JList parcels have arrived!

This morning (like an hour ago) when I was getting out from my flat, I saw a guy bringing 2 parcels coming to my flat. I waited for him (I’ve guessed that the packet would be my long awaited parcels :D); and it was true 😀

One parcel from HLJ, and another one from JList. I Put the boxes inside my car then I went to work; opened those boxes while I was driving :D.

HLJ box contained 1/6 GSC Saber Holiday Dress version and Saber keychain (which I attached to my car/flat keys :D). The HLJ parcel costed me total of around A$91 (8127 yen), 16 days SAL shipping (27 days total if I count from the very 1st day I clicked process order).

JList box contained 1/6 Alter Saber white bikini. Which took me like more than 2 weeks just to find one (with japanese price and not located in US). Before I ordered from JList, I’ve ordered this one from Angolz for total A$91 (I know it was expensive, but alot cheaper compared to local shop, or US shipping cost..); But 8 days after they received my payment, they sent me an email saying that the item was unavailable anywhere (was in-stock when i ordered, but after I ordered; it became out of stock), I lost A$6 in the process of refund… Luckily at that time JList suddenly had this figurine listed but only 1 in stock, so without thinking much, I purchased this one. All and all, i’m very glad that the figurine I received is original Alter figure (good quality, at least about the same with the one in HappySoda review), with Type-Moon sticker on it. This one costed me total around A$70 (actually A$76 if I add the A$6 I lost from angolz), 13 days SAL shipping (16 days total if I count from checkout day)

boxes photo:


Sabers! 😀 GSC Saber has its hologram infront of box, the keychain also has typemoon hologram on it o_o

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Ramen: Samyang Sutah, Spicy Flavour

This ramen has one of the nicest noodle, it has flavour and coloured orange. ramen only contain 1 seasoning sachet, and dried veggies. no oil 🙁 BUT this ramen is nice, because i like spicy soup 😀

Type add hot water and wait
Size 115 gram
Soup taste Salty
Spicyness 5/5 Maxxed!
Fork not included
Origin Korea
Score ramenok.jpg

Photo taken with Nokia 6280

Ramen: Jinmailang, Mushroom Chicken

The noodle is quite nice, it’s abit rubbery (i don’t like soft noodle). Some small mushroom, and a sachet of oil which taste nice; but also a pack of dried vegies with small seeds which I don’t really like. overall this ramen is OK, not the best but the soup taste nice (got oil in it!).

Type add hot water and wait
Size 117 gram
Soup taste Not salty, nor sweet
Spicyness not spicy at all
Fork included
Origin China
Score ramenok.jpg

Photo taken with Nokia 6280

Ramen: Nong Shim Big Bowl, Shrimp Flavour

Because I eat this kind of thing alot (like every lunch on my work days…) I decided to make review about things that I’ve eaten 😀

This ramen is very nice, it includes dried vegetables and shrimp-like (maybe real shrimp?) meat! and also 1 thin slice of fish cake
The shrimp meat was very nice, one of the best ramen I’ve eaten so far

Type add hot water and wait
Size 115 gram
Soup taste Not salty, nor sweet
Spicyness 3 out of 5 (Mild)
Fork not included
Origin Korea
Score Ramen love
Nong Shim Shrimp

Chibi Haruhi and Rin Maid Version

Good Smile Company announced they will release Nendoroid Haruhi and Tohsaka Rin maid version both on May 2007. Both are extremely good. Especially nendoroid Haruhi is super cute >< I’m waiting for HLJ to open the preorder for this one (or should I get from Hobby Search instead).

Nendoroid Haruhi SingleNendoroid Haruhi

Super kawaii Haruhi! good job GSC 😀

Rin Maid Version

Better than saber maid version 😀