Merry Christmas 2008~

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Wish you a have a merry Christmas and happy holidays! 🙂

The girls:

Ami, Haruka, Ritsuko, Chihaya

Mami, Miki (Awakening ver)

Iori, Asuza, Miki (Normal ver)

Yayoi, Makoto, Yukiho

This figurines are from Idolm@ster collection 1 and collection 2. Bought them while I was in Japan, paid Chihaya and Haruka much more (like 4 times!) than the original price >< others only a lil bit from their RRP price.

Camera Info

Nikon D40, Sigma 150mm F2.8 Macro HSM Lens, Nikon Speedlight SB600

Figurine Info




Trading Figurines / Non-scale


JPY 650 each

Release date

Collection 1: August 2007, Collection 2: March 2008



30 Replies to “Merry Christmas 2008~”

  1. Merry Christmas ron. ^^
    I hope ur having a good one today and if ur not, u can make it up on boxing day. ^^
    For me, I will be stuck at work. T_T

  2. I know Idolm@ster just from Youtube, didn’t knew there were figures o.0. The poses looks great. The two figures in your third image (above the text Mami, Miki (Awakening ver)) is absolutely the best shot.
    Merry Christmas! Ho-ho-hoo.

    Hirvines last blog post.. Merry Christmas 2008

  3. Merry Christmas!

    That photo is great, I love the iDOLM@STER idols! ^_^

    By the way, there’s no Otonashi Kotori figure? It may be just me, but the set looks “incomplete” even though Otonashi isn’t an idol…

    53RG10s last blog post.. [Suisei] Merry Christmas!

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