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Kyonko and Haruki (Coloring)

Kyonko and Haruki, Gender bender project from Haruhi Suzumiya. Time spent to color this one is around 4 hours using Photoshop CS3 and Wacom Intuos3.

Background is not colored by me, it’s a screen cap from Hayate no Gotoku.

Image with background removed:

Drawing taken from Animesuki Forum, original:

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  1. IKnight’s avatar

    That works so well it’s scary.

    IKnight’s last blog post..Lelouch Lamperouge, Siscon Machiavelli

  2. CJ’s avatar

    … ^_^;; Awesome in a twisted way. xD

    CJ’s last blog post..D.Gray-man Character Designs

  3. Etherlite’s avatar

    nice work there

    nee, ron, sometimes get OL in kaskus again won’t you? 😛

  4. Evern’s avatar

    Wow cool! Haruki turned out much better than expected!

    Evern’s last blog post..True Tears 10

  5. suneo’s avatar

    nice coloring! I should try to get back into trying to cg again… My first (and only lol) attempt years ago didn’t turn out as nice as I’d hoped for…

    suneo’s last blog post..[figures] final look at Griffon’s Ryomou Shimei maid and Teni

  6. CatzCradle’s avatar

    Beautiful! Hope you do more genderbending pics in the future! 😀

  7. Zeroblade’s avatar

    Ah, Kyonko. If I remember correctly, this is a rather recent development from Japan.

    Zeroblade’s last blog post..Senko no Ronde Rev. X Image Pack

  8. lu-k’s avatar

    Woho that’s great! Great job ron~!

    lu-k’s last blog post..Capricious Whim

  9. ron~’s avatar

    @etherlite: I check kaskus almost everyday, not posting tho just reading 🙂

  10. Etherlite’s avatar

    lol, lurker 😛

  11. Snacks’s avatar

    Awesome work, Ron. 😀 Lol… Kyonko is so moe in sad, sad way. *_*

    Snacks’s last blog post..Moe Monday – Tomoyo Sakagami

  12. coeli’s avatar

    That looks so cool, ron! I wish I had the skills too T_T

    coeli’s last blog post..Learn how to cook effortlessly!

  13. Choo’s avatar

    woah, thats very nice work.

    ahaha you sure are into coloring now eh?

    Choo’s last blog post..GTO (Live-Action Series)

  14. lanie-emon’s avatar

    Nice job mate. Kyonko in sad + irritated mode sure does look moé XD.

    lanie-emon’s last blog post..Dude, can you spare some moé?

  15. Vixion’s avatar

    i haven’t try coloring 🙂

    but that was really nice

    Vixion’s last blog post..Weapon Collection

  16. Rin’s avatar

    That is one nice picture. Nice coloring too!!! I love the background!!! Nice Job!!!

    Rin’s last blog post..March Con

  17. Romain’s avatar

    Grade A stuff. I’m unlbsetionauqy in your debt.

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