Kuji Premium: Tsukasa x Ranka, Yay!

Can’t believe my luck I got this figurine just by buying 2 lottery tickets! hahahaha

Here are the list of the Macross x Lucky Star lottery prizes www.1kuji.com/lucky_star each lottery ticket is 800 yen.

my 1st try I got F (the jet planes), I chose the one with tsukasa picture, since they don’t have kagami’s anymore…, then second try suddenly the shop keeper said omedetou, and gave me the tsukasa figurine (can’t stop smiling at that time) hahaha!

Some of the shops (the treasure shops) are selling this tsukasa figurine for 6k yen now, but expect the price to increase, since the tsukasa version is the one with the most demand.. (second is miyuki x sheryl)


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lucky you!! Lol.
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Argh, you lucky duck! D:
Tsukasa’s my favorite LS character. She looks particularly adorable with that figure, congratulations! <3

Ah ! I hate you :P It’s my favorite of the set (maybe with her sister version Klan Kaln) ^^ I’am waiting your picture !
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You’re so lucky!!! She looks lovely~

wow, youre so lucky. i would have easily bought that figure if i could

Nice to meet you.
I am a Japanese woman.
I love animated cartoon.
It is very lovely. this Thukasa.
Please make friends with me when it is good!
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