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Jun Planning bites the dust..

For you that collects figurines, I’m sure you’ve heard this company name before, however there won’t be anymore figurine from them; Jun Planning has suspended their Japan operation since 30th April and files for bankruptcy.

Never had any Jun Planning figurine photo in my site, since I only have 1 of Jun Planning figurine, which is Sanzenin Nagi. But I actually have a photo set of Jun Planning Ryuk figurine for a local anime magazine that I took more than a year ago. So as a tribute I will post it here; One of the best figurine ever created by Jun Planning, Ryuk from Death Note

*blurred part is promotional words for the company that supplied the figurine

If you were wondering which magazine, it’s Australia anime magazine, called Animaverick, I’ve been doing their figurine review column for more than a year now.

news via Anime News Network

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  1. Quazacolt’s avatar

    RIP Jun planning D:

  2. sonic_ver2’s avatar

    Whoa, this is the first time i heard about a figure manufacturer gone bankrupt.

  3. Optic’s avatar

    Very sad but on the other hand I don’t feel any sympathy. I just never like their figures. 🙁

  4. ShadowKit’s avatar

    Not very surprising to me, considering the majority of their figures weren’t worth buying anyways, and some of them were way too high priced for what they actually were.

    Now if Good Smile or Koto goes… that’s when I’ll start worrying.

  5. Otaku Dan’s avatar

    it really sucks that Jun Planning is no more. I know that some of their figures were not the greatest but I don’t like seeing companies die like that

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