I’m Back!~ (updated with photos)

Back in Aussie now (actually since 2 days ago.. but I was sick -_-, and I’m still sick now ><). In the office now (and bored ).

I’m still waiting for my Japan loots to arrive, since I shipped them all to Australia using sea mail (takes around 1month+ to arrive..). I shipped total of 16kg, and maxed my flight baggage limit 😀 (and another 11kg of hand luggage). So some of you that asked me to buy things from comiket will have to wait till my items arrived before I can pass them to you ^^; and the loot info and photos will have to wait too

So total 19 days in Japan I spent around 260,000 yen excluding hotel and flight to Japan. most are spent on shoppings tho.. since I didn’t go out from Tokyo area :D.

Met up with bunch of blogger there: windbell from moeside, adun from moemoerabu, rin from koiaichaku, dice from nekoguchi (female! and pretty too!), and EvoSpace from Akihabara Channel 🙂

Thanks to my friend hectic3 and Sindharta for accompanying me while in Japan too 🙂

I only bring several things with me; Several books that I bought at the last day (Latest issue of Megami, Comptiq, Tony Taka doujins, and Idolm@ster Precious Album), and also XBox 360 (20gb ver, which recently the price was reduced and changed to bigger 60gb HDD, ouch!). my gamertag is ronaldhw feel free to add me ^^. Bought Idolm@ster live for you, the Idolm@ster, and Blue dragon (this one english ver I got it for 540 yen!) and several other XBox accessories.

I’ll update the post with more pictures when I get back home ^^;

Loot photos part 1

X360 and IM@S guide book

Tony Taka Doujins <3

Comptiq and Megami that I bought at the last day in Japan

Meetup photo (me, windbell, adun, dice, rin, and rin’s friend)

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