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How high will you pay for figurine?

Saw this when I was looking around one of the treasure shop in akihabara… figurine set with 198000 yen (US$2200) price tag…

Apparently this figurine is a very limited figurine from ichiban kuji series (you get the figurine by buying lottery tickets), I only saw 1 shop is selling this figurine in Akihabara..

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  1. Optic’s avatar

    Ur bought it right? 😛

    If I was CEO, I might think about it. lol
    .-= Optic´s last blog ..My Fall 2009 Line up =-.

  2. jenn’s avatar

    Oh, so it’s essentially two figures. Still. :S Scary price!
    .-= jenn´s last blog ..Tweet of the Day – If Your Cat Could Talk =-.

  3. k’s avatar

    aren’t you missing 1 zero?

  4. ron~’s avatar

    @optic: no way… that price is way too much

    @k: haha thanks, I’ve fixed it 😀

  5. Hirvine’s avatar

    I was thinking figures around the $150 were expensive. I like figures but I would never pay that much. Thx for the post. Might not be a big post, but I found it interested.
    .-= Hirvine´s last blog ..Alter Subaru Nakajima, 2 left feet =-.

  6. Toonleap’s avatar

    I have that amount of money, Beam me up…I will pay that money if they can talk, dance, sing, cook my dinner and take me out to Akihabara…Those figures can do that right?

  7. cassac’s avatar

    @ Toonleap: If they can I’m in.

    I’m sure some otaku who is collecting the franchise will have to buy it.

  8. radiant’s avatar

    The max I’ve ever paid is $350 for the Cloud Stryfe and Hardy Daytona (the polystone resin one, not the cheap PVC ones).

    Even then, that was actually worth it. This does not seem worth it. It’s amazing how people can attach value to something not because it actually cost that much, but more of what people believe it is worth.

  9. phossil’s avatar

    isnt a misprint?
    maybe if its a hard to get item I would pay it, but not at that price.
    .-= phossil´s last blog ..New Ipod Nano =-.

  10. ron~’s avatar

    @phossil: i don’t think it’s a misprint, because they are also selling the single edition (ranka or sheryl) with normal clothes (which is kinda common), for 15500 yen

  11. ninjovee’s avatar

    woeh. O_O That’s a very insane price even for Ichiban Kuji figures. I think that store is being an opportunist
    .-= ninjovee´s last blog ..Review: Nendoroid Miku Miku Kagami =-.

  12. ShadowKit’s avatar

    Holy shit!
    I’d never be able to get myself to buy figures for that price… unless of course, it’s a 1/1 scale!
    .-= ShadowKit´s last blog ..That Time of Year Again =-.

  13. Q’s avatar

    Figures and other stuff sold in these so-called “treasure shops” in Akihabara are sometimes overpriced, as they are based on the rarity. For example my FFX-2 Play Art Rikku would cost over 10000 Yen now, and other uncommon stuff such as my hard-to-find special Can.Do 1/144 Kugelblitz anti-aircraft tank would cost over 5000 Yen (mind you that is barely 5cm x 2cm x 2cm in overall dimension).

    198000 Yen / 2200USD… I can buy so many other limited stuff out there already o_o The most I’ve ever gone for a figure so far would probably be Alter’s Shin Sonic Fate.

  14. Rin’s avatar

    It’s a bit much…even for me…
    I saw it too when I was in Japan in the summer and I looked at the price…
    I looked away so fast and got a different figure…
    2200USD is way over my budget price…
    .-= Rin´s last blog ..Djibril Zero =-.

  15. sonic_ver2’s avatar

    WTF? Better get dolfie dreams, or something else, or maybe a Canon L Lenses…

    So rarity could make prices fly high, but why would anyone want to spend that much for something rare if they can spend those money for many other great things? Obsession?
    .-= sonic_ver2´s last blog ..Tayutama –Kiss on My Diety- =-.

  16. ron~’s avatar

    @sonic_ver2: heh, a rare dolfie will cost you a lot more than that… saw a shop selling souseiseki volks dolfie for almost 500k yen, it’s a super dolfie tho..

  17. e-jump’s avatar

    For me if its anything below 1/6 scale, it shall be usd120 budget at max
    .-= e-jump´s last blog ..AFA’09 I❤AniSong, fully explained ☝(゚o ゚ ) =-.

  18. coeli’s avatar

    Meh that’s way too much!

    198k for two figures??
    .-= coeli´s last blog ..Eien no With – A Story for Dog-Lovers =-.

  19. kintaro619’s avatar

    woah! thats some pricy figures! I’d agree and rather spend that much on a Volks/Dolphie Doll…(^_^) btw did you recive my Email with the pics Ron?

  20. ron~’s avatar

    @kintaro: nope, haven’t got the dollfie pics email

  21. onsenturtle’s avatar

    Holy…! Figure from lottery tickets. Never know there’s figure goods like that. The price’s way too expensive. BTW, where does the posture come from?
    .-= onsenturtle´s last blog ..[Figure] ARIA The Cat President Picture Book & Manga Limited Edition =-.

  22. Hirobot’s avatar

    That’s some serious price tag!

  23. AS’s avatar

    Haha, no thaks. Even if I were super rich I wouldn’t buy something that expensive. At most, and assuming I’m super rich, would be $1000. Btw, I moved from AnimeSugoi to Chibified.
    .-= AS´s last blog ..Welcome to Chibified ^_^ =-.

  24. ozbloggers’s avatar

    do visit to ping your blog and share with others 😀

  25. Oneandonlyjem’s avatar

    I’ve seen this set being sold somewhere else and the price tag was very similar if not the same as the sticker in that picture. I’m sorry, but I can’t possibly pay that much for a figure that Banpresto does regardless of how limited it is in nature. The level of quality would have to just be amazingly high for me to even start getting there. Yeah, I just can’t reasonably justify a purchase like that for plastic figures.
    .-= Oneandonlyjem´s last blog ..Final Fantasy XIII is Square Enix’s next shooter title? =-.

  26. Pudding’s avatar

    wow… tatz is alot…

    too bad i am not a major macross fan so i dont have to worry about buying on the first place or not XD
    .-= Pudding´s last blog ..Touhou Project: Patchouli Knowledge by ques Q =-.

  27. MkMiku’s avatar

    One reason I avoided figures for so long was because of their price. But alas, I finally gave in and paid $50 for my first BRS Nendoroid. That’s the most I’m willing to pay for now (I already ordered Miku, which will be my 2nd), but I’m sure one day I’ll splurge and make that big purchase. 😀