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HLJ Birthday Sale

Just helping to spread the news. HLJ is having Birthday Sale, some of their figurines are on Sale.

Haruhi Nendo Petite 40% off to 3427yen
GSC Unity May 40% off to 3905yen
Kotobukiya Asa 40% off to 4080yen
Alter Teanna 30% off to 4760yen
Alter Signum 30% off to 6160yen
Max Factory Seena 30% off to 4829yen
Alter Louise School Uniform 30% off to 4760yen

and many more

Hurry up, some of the items discount were removed already, because their status changed to low stock (for example this Saber was 2600 yen before)

Just ordered Teanna, Pixie Hyrorie, and Saber Gift, may order more later this afternoon!

Thanks Blowfish for letting me know!

  1. Optic’s avatar

    I ordered Unity May and Wave Louise.
    I’ve spent almost the whole morning browsing through their list and deciding. lol

    Optics last blog post.. HLJ Massive Sale

  2. ron~’s avatar

    I’m still thinking whether I should buy Unity May, Louise Alter and Max Factory Seena or not… =_=

  3. coeli’s avatar

    Go get them all ron!!

  4. k’s avatar

    i found out today too. HUGE sale! check out the more expensive goods

    ks last blog post.. PhD t-shirt

  5. ron~’s avatar

    @k: which more expensive goods? figurine or something else?

  6. Otaku Dan’s avatar

    I need to get a couple of figures from there but I can’t at the moment, I’m so tempted right now

    Otaku Dans last blog post.. My Otaku Room – 1 Year Later

  7. samejima’s avatar

    Ordered President Japan’s Kureha this morning. Good thing I made it on time cuz there’s nothing left it’s already discontinued thereafter. I’ll be ordering WAVE’s xecty w/ limited edition phone card next month.. there’s still more than 20 in stock left.