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Happy One Year Anniversary!

Happy 1 year anniversary

一年の記念日おめでとう !

Today, 16th January 2008, marks 1 year since I posted my 1st post in this blog. This blog name wasn’t at that time, it was (since it was hosted in my other domain ^^). I moved the blog to dedicated server and name it on the 1st May 2007 :D.

I want to give my thanks to all readers and fellow bloggers (too long to list ^^), and especially to HappySoda that inspired me to do figurine photograph (and blogging it).

To thank my readers, I decided to make a small quiz with small reward as well :p

The question is:

How many figurines are there in the photo below? (all, including trading figurines)

Send your answer via email to ron at otadesho dot com with subject “otadesho anniversary“, and post in here saying that you are joining this silly competition ^^ (don’t post your answer here tho, but you need to leave comment here with the same email address to validate your submission email). You can send up to 3 emails (3 tries), I’ll grab the correct one.

this small competition will end on the 20th January 2008 (Sunday) 23:59:59 AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). I will randomly choose 1 winner from all correct submissions and will post the news here (and contact the winner via email to ask your address).

The winner will receive these postcard sized pin ups (yah they are crappy, I know ^^)

I will post them world wide via Australia Standard Post (so it may take a while to arrive to your place if you live far far away ^^).

Note: if the figurines are boxed as one (eg: Mikan and Manabi figurine), I consider that as one figurine.

[Update 21 Jan 08 00:01:00]

Competition ended. I will count everything tomorrow morning, need to sleep now. Thanks all :)

[Update 21 Jan 08 00:10:22]


Total Figurines: 41

01. Suiseiseki – Wave
02. 1/7 Eri – Alter
03. 1/8 Mikuru – Max Factory
04. 1/8 Manabi & Mikan – Toysworks
05. 1/8 Haruhi – Max Factory
06. 1/8 Shana – Max Factory
07. 1/8 Yuki – Max Factory
08. 1/10 Tenma – Wave
09. 1/8 Rei & Asuka – Kotobukiya
10. 1/8 Princess – Kotobukiya
11. 1/7 Rin – Max Factory
12. 1/10 Eri – Wave
13. 1/10 Yakumo – Wave
14. 1/8 Melissa – GSC
15. 1/8 Fate – Alter
16. 1/6 Yuukanalia – Max Factory
17. 1/7 Etna – Max Factory
18. 1/6 Saber – Alter
19. 1/7 Blancneige – Max Factory
20. Shinku – Alter
21. 1/7 Uma – Max Factory
22. 1/5 Asuka – Alter
23. 1/7 Ignis – Alter
24. 1/8 Metamo Haruhi – Bandai
25. 1/8 Fauna – Max Factory
26. 1/7 Lucy – Wave
27. 1/7 Pachira – Max Factory
28. 1/6 Saber – GSC
29. 1/8 Natalia – Kotobukiya
30. 1/7 Asuka – Toysworks
31. 1/7 Kureha – Max Factory
32. 1/8 Rin – Kotobukiya
33. Chika – Konami
34. Miu – Konami
35. 1/8 Azif – Max Factory
36. TF Ryouigi – Alter
37. TF Aoko – Alter
38. TF Arcueid – Alter
39. TF Ciel – Alter
40. TF Saber – Alter
41. TF Rin – Alter

Total email received: 28
Total valid answers: 24
Total correct answers: 14

01. Dao
02. I Ching
03. Deathy
04. Chichiwomoge
05. Arcenciel
06. The Ostrich
07. Belela-san
08. etherlite
09. Kururu
10. V2
11. ish`
12. DSJFX18
13. R
14. Lustrous Realm)

result of running this Java line of code

int winner = (int) (Math.random()*14 + 1);

is 7

Congratulation to Belela-san. I will contact you by email to get your postal address.

Thanks everyone :D I may have this kind of competition more often this year ^^

edit: Added more information.

ps: not all figurines are mine, nendo DS, Shana, Ignis, Louise, and Suiseiseki are my house mate’s

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  1. ron~’s avatar

    I don’t have any he is my master figurine, so no hobby japan izumi ^^, got izumi bed sheet tho :D

  2. Sylon Beta’s avatar

    A day late, but happy 1st year anniversary.

    Sylon Beta’s last blog post: The importance of header images

  3. Adun’s avatar

    Congrats on the 1 year anniversary!

    Adun’s last blog post: ARIA The Origination – 02

  4. ish`’s avatar

    i’m entering too :D

    ish`’s last blog post: おてんば World?s End

  5. R’s avatar

    I’m entering, I want that Kureha postcard… If I don’t win I will humbly accept all those figures in that photo as a consolation prize :P

  6. Lustrous Realm’s avatar

    is it over yet? but well my guess is ***********.

    Lustrous Realm’s last blog post: Clannad 14 – Bye Bye Kotomi-chan!

  7. Setsuna-san’s avatar

    im really late here but Happy 1st Anniversary!!!

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post: Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 01

  8. ron~’s avatar

    Competition ended. I will count everything tomorrow morning, need to sleep now. Thanks all :)

  9. Etherlite’s avatar

    update on 21st march??? lol

  10. ron~’s avatar

    typo ^^;

    winner announced, thank you all :D

  11. ish`’s avatar

    i can’t believe if i choose the right answer lol.
    and congrats belala-san :D
    and you too ron~,make more competition like this again :p

    ish`’s last blog post: おてんば World?s End

  12. Belela-san’s avatar

    Well I was kinda surprised when I got ron~s mail ^^, I wasn’t expecting of winning cause normally every contest I get in like the lottery I never win :P .

    Belela-san’s last blog post: Appleseed Saga Ex Machina DVD trailer contest

  13. ron~’s avatar

    @belela-san: item sent today, should arrive to you around 2 weeks time from now :) please tell me once you have received the item :D

    @ish`: planning to, but still in planning stage :)

  14. Belela-san’s avatar

    Hey ron~ just received your letter today, right on the day of my birthday, thx for the birthday present ^^

    Belela-san’s last blog post: Master Grade Gundam Unicorn arrival

  15. DSJFX18’s avatar

    Well this is kinda late, but congrats and happy birthday Belela-san. ^^

  16. Kururu’s avatar

    LoL, nice

    I totally forgot about the contest. =p O well, I’m happy that I at least got the right answer

  17. Frederic’s avatar

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