Happy Birthday :) & Agarest Senki English Guide

It’s that time of the year again! 7 November, one year older, but one year younger at heart :) Happy birthday to me :D Got manabi figurine as birthday present ^^. Going to celebrate my birthday this Friday :D

And also I made PS3 Game Agarest Senki (or Record of Agarest War) English Guide, you can find it from the left side bar, or just click here :) . It will be work in progress, while I’m playing the game ^^


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lvl up again ;)
Happy Birthday dude!

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday! ^_^

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Sweet gift! Happy Birthday! =D~ Have a smashing celebration in the weekend!

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belated happy birthday pal!

That’s a nice gift to get :) Happy Belated B-day ^^

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Happy Birthday. It’s always nice getting figures are birthday presents.

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Oh shuck I’m late. But still Happy belated birthday!!

A bit late…

Happy Birthday!

Now if only I got presents on my birthday ;_;

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