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Game: StarCraft 2 Announced!


Finally the much anticipated news has arrived. The new Blizzard game is StarCraft 2. I’m a fan of this game, played alot of this game in local competition back when I was in uni. We are all can celebrate now.

Image taken from StarCraft 2 site.

Some notes from StarCraft 2 based on

  • New protoss unit – Warprey – flying unit that does increased damage the longer it hits a target with it’s continuous blue laser. Warprey also very effective against structures, but very vulnerable to small unit fire.
  • New Protoss unit Colossus – huge unit that can blast out dual lasers and use long legs to traverse differences in terrain height. Colossus extremely weak against air strike.
  • New Protoss unit Phoenix – can overcharge guns for multiple projectile blast – but after blast the ship is rendered inert for a short period.
  • New Protoss unit – Stalker – can teleport – quadripedal thing – can keep blinking forward – seems to be a shot cooldown on the ability.
  • Protoss now have the ability to create shields whereever they want.
  • Protoss can now warp in units from manufacturing facilities anything within pylon range.
  • Protoss can use phase fields and teleporting abilities to create an army anywhere on the battlefield.
  • New Zerg unit Giant Worms – pop out of ground unleasing zerglings.
  • Zerglings can mutate into suicidal bomb things thar roll across the ground – very powerful explosions.
  • Terran reapers – can hop across unever terrain with jump packs – two types of small pistols that don’t activate immortals.

Image taken from StarCraft 2 site.

You can read the more information from IGN or visit the official StarCraft 2 site.


  1. Aya Kyunik’s avatar

    I don’t know if I’ll like SC2 as much as the first…Supreme Commander has got my RTS fix atm.

    One thing is for SURE tho, I’m going to love the cinematics of SC2 :3

  2. Adun’s avatar

    I was waiting for this for years and I had a feeling that it was going to be SC2. Once again I shall live up to my name! En Taro Adun!

  3. ron~’s avatar

    @Aya: hmm never played supreme commander, going to try it..

    @Adun: oh thats where you got your name from? I got a friend here often yelling En Taro Adun hehe, starcraft is the best, I’m zerg player ^^

  4. valho’s avatar

    cool finally they gonna release starcraft 2, been waiting for it for years

  5. kento’s avatar

    I gotta admit, my first impression was “bout time, blizzard, is that’s the only graphical advancements we’re gonna get?” Though not the finalized version, I only hope we’ll get see something better rather than just a 3D version of SC like the shots we’re getting atm. Well, great news nonetheless.

    And nerf zergrushkekeke.

  6. ron~’s avatar

    ya, I was dissapointed with C&C3.. I hope it will be more than 3D eye candy