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Been planning to do this since last year, but waited till I have played more than 20 games :)  Yah it’s quite slow, 20 games after 1 year and 3 months 🙂 (Bought my PS3 at 24th of March 2007, which is one day after the PS3 release date in Australia, 23rd March 2007).

I’m going to review the games that I have played for more than 10 hours (or completed). I give the score mostly based on my enjoyment, technical aspects are taken into consideration but will only have slight impact on the scoring.

Here goes the quick reviews, sorted by time played.

Enchanted Arms
Played March 2007 Time Spent Around 40 hours
Status Completed 1 time Collection Nope, Sold it on ebay
Despite of the low review scores, I acutally found this game quite decent. I enjoyed this game. A classic RPG style, and also X360 port. This game has dual audio (English and Japanese), reduce the score by another 20 if you plan to play this game in English audio.. the dubbing is THAT bad…
Score 75
Virtua Fighter 5
Played March 2007 Time Spent Not counted, but plenty
Status 4-5 master level characters Collection Yep
Good fighting game, good graphics, and cute girls 🙂 and fun to play with friends, but there’s feeling this game is not completed, no ending scenes when you finish the arcade mode 🙁
Score 80
Played March 2007 Time Spent Around 20 hours
Status Uncompleted Collection Nope, Sold it on ebay
I don’t like First Person View games.. but I like RPG so I tried this one. But nope, this game failed me. This game has major frame rate issue in some areas.
Score 55
Gundam Musou / ガンダム無双
Played April 2007 Time Spent Around 20 hours
Status Completed around 8 chars Collection Yes
WHY did they do the split screen vertically?.. why not horizontally like the dynasty warriors 🙁
had the feeling that this game is rushed, only around 10 gundams to choose…
1 player play is kinda boring. Mine is Japanese version, the english version only comes with english Audio only.
Score 66
Calling All Cars (PSN)
Played June 2007 Time Spent Uncounted
Status Completed around 8 chars Collection Yes
Fun multiplayer game, cheap too. nice 2d graphics, run in 1080p too. too bad that almost no people online anymore after 3 months of release date…, single player is boring for this game
Score 71
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Played June 2007 Time Spent Around 30 hours
Status Completed normal mode Collection Yes
Best PS3 game the time I played this game. Read my review about this game here
Score 85
Heavenly Sword
Played September 2007 Time Spent Around 7 hours
Status Completed (not all maxed tho) Collection Nope, rented this game
This game is GOOD. Gameplay, visuals, movements, CGs, are all good.. playing this game was like watching a movie 🙂
Too bad that this game is very very short…, so the enjoyment was short eventho it was good.., so minus points for that. If they put longer gameplay like 20 hours, i would score this game at least 90..
Score 83
Warhawk (PSN)
Played September 2007 Time Spent Around 20 hours
Status Middle ranked Collection Yes
Not my type of game, but quite enjoyed this game. Thank god this one uses 3rd person view, not first person.
Biggest complain that this game only has multiplayer mode.. and I’m not good playing this kind of game, got killed so many times -_-
Score 68
Played September 2007 Time Spent Around 25 hours
Status Completed Collection Nope, Sold it on ebay
Action RPG, nice story, decent graphics, but don’t really like the play style..
Score 78
Agarest Senki / アガレストと戦記
Played October 2007 Time Spent Around 200 hours
Status Completed Collection Yes
One of the BEST game that I played in 2007.. long story, very2 nice CG, cute characters, great voice actors (Ueda Kana, Koshimizu Ami), plenty of DLC (more than 10!) and has deep mechanics, only down point is the low res sprites…
Read my preview here and my small guide here. You can see the game CGs here and here.
Score 95
Eye of Judgments
Played November 2007 Time Spent Uncounted
Status Unlocked all decks Collection Yes
This game is different than other games that I owned. It’s a card game, with real card and use PS Eye to scan the cards.
the game is quite simple, and quite fun played online. But I don’t like the card artwork tho 🙁 i want anime style!
Score 73
Played December 2007 Time Spent Uncounted
Status Collection Yes
Nice party game, too bad all the music videos are still SD quality…, good part of this PS3 version is the singstore integration.., there weren’t many songs as well in singstore, only around 22 songs.. they broke their promise of delivering hundred of songs at that time.. but Singstore has plenty of songs now. too bad there’s no Japanese anime songs 🙁
Score 75
Super Stardust HD (PSN)
Played December 2007 Time Spent Uncounted
Status Only up to the 5th lvl 🙁 Collection Yes
This one is quite nice scrolling shooting game, cheap, nice graphics (1080p), and the recent patch enables the custom soundtrack to be played. But I want touhou instead of this D:
Score 73
Assasin’s Creed
Played January 2008 Time Spent Around 10 hours
Status Uncompleted Collection No, borrowed from friend.
Nice graphics, very nice texture. BUT this game has frame rate issue… in some places this game run very sluggish.., also there were freezes….. I was expecting action like Ninja Gaiden Sigma or Heavenly Sword tho, but wrong game 🙁
Score 62
Pixel Junk Monster (PSN)
Played January 2008 Time Spent Around 10 hours
Status Uncompleted Collection Yes
This one is a very fun game, it’s a tower defense game. You build towers to protect your base from the incoming attacks. Very good solo and 2 players game 🙂
Score 80
Disgaea 3 / 魔界戦記ディスガイア3
Played February 2008 Time Spent Around 100 hours
Status Completed, but still haven’t beat baal Collection Yes, Collector edition
This is the main reason why I bought PS3.. Disgaea 3! overall it’s good, but story-wise I still like Disgaea 1 and 2 more. this game however has low res sprites, but good 2D cgs make up for it.
Read my preview here and my guide here.
This game is going to have english release this August, The English version will have dual audio (English and Japanese with English subtitle). I think I’m going to buy the English version also 🙂
Score 92
Dynasty Warrior 6
Played February 2008 Time Spent Around 10 hours
Status Completed 6 musou modes Collection Yes
I’m a little bit dissapointed with this one… got quite big expectation tho.
Prettier graphic, but less characters than Dynasty Warrior 5. This game has frame rate issue when there are too many enemies in 2 player mode, 1 player mode is fine tho.
They changed the combat system, I prefer the old one, the one that you can do combo with 2 buttons instead of only using one button to do all the attacks……
Score 69
Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds
Played April 2008 Time Spent Around 30-40 hours
Status Completed all challenge stages Collection Nope, sold on ebay, bought JPN ver
This game is GOOD, i wanted to get the Japanese release before, which was released in 2007, but waited for the English ver instead.
I don’t usually play sports game, but this game is very very addicting, pretty graphics, cute characters, and very good online system.
Worst part is the voice acting.. which is why I then bought the Japanese version. oh and another minus point in the English version is that all the girls are wearing bike shorts… stupid censor..
Score 95
Senjou no Valkyria / 戦場のヴぁルキュリア
Played April 2008 Time Spent Around 40 hours
Status Completed Collection Yes
Don’t be fooled with above screenshots, this game is actually turn based strategy RPG 🙂
This game has a very nice opening song (Donna ni Tokutemo by JUJU). One of the best game song I’ve ever heard.
The story is very good, very touching. Nice story, great voice actors (Inoue Marina, Fukuyama Jun, Kuwashima Houko, Toyoguchi Megumi), and nice graphics (cell shading + water colour style) 🙂 playing this game is like watching anime. Also Sega just announced that this game will have DLC 😉
Now the minus points… the new game+ only offers harder difficulty with different enemy placements. no new bosses 🙁 and the game mechanics is very simple… not as deep as disgaea 3 or agarest senki

This game is scheduled for English Release this September/October 2008, The English title will be Valkyria Chronicles. The english release will have Japanese audio (thank god..), a MUST have for JRPG fans.

Score 92
Minna no Golf 5 / みんなのGOLF5
Played May 2008 Time Spent Around 30 hours+
Status Still playing Collection Yes
LOVE this game, best game ever 🙂 read what I’ve written about the english ver above (Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds), all the goodness are the same with this one:)
Bought this Japanese version because I can’t stand the english voice (Bad dub..). This version has a lot more player playing online at my play time (australia night time), around 1k-2k players compared to the english ver 100-300 players.. Japanese ver also receives updates and downloadable contents faster than the english ver. Just downloaded a new costume set 🙂 Maid costume for my sophie = perfect 😀
Score 100
Devil May Cry 4
Played June 2008 Time Spent Around 10 hours
Status Still playing Collection Yes, Collector edition
Best DMC that I’ve played so far 🙂 I like Ninja Gaiden Sigma more tho, but I haven’t finished with this game, so that opinion can change hehe (on hold at the moment, busy with Age of Conan :p )
Score 80

Remember that all my score are based on my enjoyment playing that game at THAT time 🙂 so some of the scores can be different if I play the game again at this time ^^

Top 5

1. Minna no Golf 5 / みんなのGOLF5
Score 100 Available @Play-Asia Japanese ver and English ver
2. Agarest Senki / アガレストと戦記
Score 95 Available @Play-Asia Japanese ver
3. Disgaea 3 / 魔界戦記ディスガイア3
Score 92 Available @Play-Asia Japanese ver and English ver(Pre)
3. Senjou no Valkyria / 戦場のヴぁルキュリア
Score 92 Available @Play-Asia Japanese ver or English ver(Pre)
5. Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Score 85 Available @Play-Asia Japanese/English ver

I didn’t put Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds in the top 5, since it’s the same game with Minna no Golf 5, but the english version instead.

There are several games that I’ve played but not mentioned in the review above. Most of them are the ones I rent from blockbuster, didn’t play them much so can’t give fair review 🙂

I haven’t played GTA4 yet, I may borrow that game from my friend, not my kind of game tho. And for MGS4, I still need to catch up on MGS series (never played any MGS series..)

Upcoming games that I definitely going to buy: Soul Calibur 4, Tears To Tiara, Cross Edge, Trusty Bell (just got its official release date, 18 September 2008), and probably White Album

This year 2008 is a good PS3 Year 🙂

my PSN ID is ronaldhw, feel free to add me 🙂

Credit note: Original Saber image used as 1st picture was from danbooru, changed the controller to ps3 controller to suit the topic. Game screenshots are from gamespot and

13 Replies to “Game: PS3 Quick Game Reviews”

  1. A little quip on Gundam Musou, the NA version has Japanese audio. Maybe it’s different for the Aussie release eh?

    Also, don’t be afraid to knock down the scores for games you don’t like. I would personally give Dynasty Warriors 6 a 20/100 and Heavenly Sword an even 50/100.

    Yamcha’s last blog post..Kara no Kyoukai: Satsujin Kosatsu Review

  2. @yamcha: oh gundam musou english has japanese voice? just knew that. I still enjoy DW6 tho even tho it’s not that good, and I quite liked Heavenly Sword 🙂

  3. I planned on buying PS3 this week, with DW6 as my first game. But after looking at your review and Yamcha’s comment, i’m a little worried about this game.

    Anyway, do you have any good RPG (english version please) recommendation for me?

    sonic_ver2’s last blog post..ISML – Sapphire breaking news

  4. @sonic_ver2: hmm no good english RPG atm.., wait for disgaea (august 2008) or senjou no valkyria (september-november 2008)

  5. Still don’t have a PS3, only thinking of buying one when Final Fantasy XIII is released, the other games I’m interested in getting as well are DMC 4, Valkyria Chronicles, Gundam Musou and probably Folklore as well

    Belela-san’s last blog post..Akatsuki Mishiro

  6. I think MGS4 is a great game.
    Been hooked to MGO lol….
    Have yet to try it out.

    PSN: Kirakun
    GAME ID: Kirakun

    Yes, Gundam Musou has eng and jp VA

    Trying to finish MGS and then move on with tales of symphonia2 on the wii and trusty bell in september X_x

  7. I do agree with most of your reviews. The ratings seem fairly in-tune with what I would personally rate them (with the exception of the musou games. I tire of them now).

    I can’t wait for Valkyria to come out state-side. I really really hope they have dual audio!!

    radiant’s last blog post..The Japanese Tradition

  8. Haha wow. I wish I got to know more personally about Sony..
    I know more about the PS2 than the PS3 itself and the handheld console!

  9. I didn’t think I’d be back here after Drag Race early versions, but this is a great game, a good time kllier and a well put together application.I have only one suggestion, though. Purple monsters are random, sometimes I get a manageable number and sometimes they are downright frustrating. I would suggest the spawn rate adjusts with numbers already on screen. For example, if there are 4 already, half rate. 8, one quarter. This would likely kill/lessen the kllier spawns. Last game, I got 16 purples in a very short time. This is rare, agreed, but it can’t hurt to be a little more consistent.And may I add, I have no issues with graphics. As long as items are easily recognizable, it’s fine.

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