Game: PS3 Quick Game Reviews Part 2

I’ve been planning to do second post on game reviews since few months ago, but just got the chance now 🙂 this should be the continuation of my first quick review that I did last year.

I give the score mostly based on my enjoyment of playing the game, so it should be rather biased 🙂

I changed my scoring system, it uses star ratings now from 1-5. with current definition:
[rating:1]: score 0-50
[rating:1.5]: score 50-59
[rating:2]: score 60-69
[rating:2.5]: score 70-79
[rating:3]: score 80-84
[rating:3.5]: score 85-89
[rating:4]: score 90-94
[rating:4.5]: score 95-99
[rating:5]: score 100

so games with rating of 2 stars is not equivalent with score 40, it’s actually somewhere between 60-69

Here goes the quick reviews, sorted by time played (chronological order)

Megazone 23 / メガゾーン23 青いガーランド
Bought this game because it was very cheap from Play-Asia, I think I paid around US$15 shipped. This game story is dry, the voice is kinda stiff too.. I’ll give this game lower score if I paid normal price.. I didnt actually finish this game, only played around 6-7 hours, cant stand it ><
Soul Calibur 4
I love this game, the gameplay, characters, customisation, but a bit lacking on the story part, and the online is laggy even when I play someone from the same city.
I would give this game full score if only the online is good… (but I’ve always been a fan of SC series, so it’s kinda biased lol)
Tears to Tiara / ティアーズ トゥ ティアラ 花冠の大地
I had high hope for this game before, was expecting this game to be good…
The 2D CGs and voices are done beautifuly, but The 3D models for this game looks so stiff and ugly, and the battle system in this game is kinda boring 🙁
I haven’t touched this game after playing it for around 16 hours.. (which explains my half done guide haha)
Fallout 3
One thing to say: the 3rd person view mode in this game sucks.

I hate playing in first person mode, so I changed it to third person view, but it made the combat barely playable..
Minus points for this game is crap 3D models (I have never been a fan of bethesda 3D models, all the characters look ugly), and has some slowdown issues.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
Kinda fun game, but ugh jaggies everywhere… I don’t mind with no online for this game, but the jaggies in this game really distracts me (not that visible for smaller screen but I play in 40″)
Plenty of characters in this game, the fighting is also simple and easy (way too simple I say..), You can also running around konoha village and grab missions. However, most of the missions are generic missions without voice acts..
Another good point is the amount of free DLC for this game for side characters (help you in battle)
Little Big Planet
Nice platformer game, it’s fun to play this game online or offline with friends. the single player is kinda boring tho, but there are plenty of awesome user made contents 🙂

Nothing bad I can say about this game, I dont give this game high score just because I’m not really into this kind of game 🙂

Eternal Sonata
This game is pretty. One of the prettiest game visual I’ve seen so far, bright color, cute characters, and nice voice acts (Japanese voice).
This game has mediocre story, cute characters, and the battle system for this game is different than the standard RPG, need some time to get used to it, but it makes the grinding more fun. Also this game is not easy 🙂
My only complain is that this game is short, you can finish it under 40 hours (short for RPG).

I still consider this game as the best JRPG for PS3. (well untill ToV is released, ToV should be a 5 stars RPG. well I only give the 360 version 4.5 since there’s no Japanese voice..)

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
Nice visuals, but for me this game is kinda boring =\ and the story is also mediocre.. I’m sure you’ll get less biased review out there hehe, since I don’t usually play this kind of game 😀
Street Fighter 4
I’m sure you’ve read many reviews for this game 🙂 this game is perfect, offline play, trophy, online (not laggy!), everything! a very recommended game if you like fighting games 🙂
I can sit like 4 hours just playing this game online 🙂
need to use arcade stick btw, reduce the score by 1 if you play with the controller…

Add my PSN (ronaldhw) if you want to fight me, my main is Chun Li 🙂 I’m trying to learn Sakura now 😀

Resident Evil 5
Survival horror game.. not! this game is not scary at all haha, maybe because you always have your partner around with you and help you all the time.
This game is kinda short tho, I finished this game around 13-14 hours. But there are so many things to unlock in this game. So you will want to replay the chapters and get every chapter rated SS. The online part is also decent.
And also Sheva is cute 😀
Metal Gear Solid 4
Heh This game is more like and interactive movie. The story is good tho, and the gameplay is also fun.
But kinda short for a Japanese game.. I finished the game in 19 hours, but I’m sure it will be halved if I skipped all the events/CGs haha.

Minus point for some ocassional slow downs.

Tomb Raider: Underworld
Can’t say much about this game, since I haven’t put much time on this game. So far I played around 4 hours, and seems okay tho.
the starting story is kinda week IMO.., and also there’s a few frame rate dips in the game as well…
Cross Edge / クロスエッジ
Bought this game (Japanese ver) around October last year but didn’t touch it till early of this month lol…
This game menus and interface are similar with agarest senki, including shops, upgrades, synthesis and converting items.
The best part for this game is the battle system (oh and also Etna haha), eventho it’s kinda frustating at first..
the story for this game is very mediocre, and the soul searching system is very annoying.. it’s bearable if you have guide with you, so you don’t have to do soul search every few steps..

I’m still playing this game, on my 2nd playthru now, got the bad end at first play since I didn’t use guide.. I’m on 5-1 now with all the true-end requirements met 🙂


Top 5 (All time)

1. Minna no Golf 5 / みんなのGOLF5
2. Street Fighter 4
3. Soul Calibur 4
4. Agarest Senki / アガレストと戦記
5. Disgaea 3 / 魔界戦記ディスガイア3
This game score got slight bump because of the Raspberyl DLC 🙂

Honorable Mentions:
Valkyria Chronicles / 戦場のヴぁルキュリア
Eternal Sonata

Upcoming games that I’m currently waiting are: Agarest Senki Zero, Atelier Rorona, Blaz Blue, White Knight Chronicle, and Tekken 6.

my PSN ID is ronaldhw, feel free to add me 🙂

Credit note: Original Saber image used as 1st picture was from danbooru, changed the controller to ps3 controller to suit the topic. Game screenshots are from gamespot, ign, and

24 Replies to “Game: PS3 Quick Game Reviews Part 2”

  1. It’s like looking at a list of games I still need to complete but I’m the type of person that goes from one game to another and completes about 10% to 30% of it and goes on to next, I mainly need to get Valkyria Chronicles complete before the anime beats me to it.

    After watching some of the Tears of Tiara anime I was going to see if the game was any good but now I pretty sure it would hardly get played.

  2. To date, Valkyria Chronicles is the most memorable and the best PS3 game I played. Kinda biased I know considering VC is the only PS3 game I’ve finished. Eternal Sonata I’m at end. Just need to finish off the final boss.
    I’m not enjoying SF4 as much as I like to. It’s hard to play using the controller and I really need to invest in a joystick pad to really get the feel of it. -_-
    Gonna start Disgaea 3 next week when I go on holidays. I almost forgot I had it. lol
    .-= Optic´s last blog ..After Work Loot =-.

  3. @cassac: tears to tiara anime is similar to the game, so if you don’t enjoy the anime you wouldn’t enjoy the game =\.. I still need have some game that I need to complete as well, so many games…

    @Optic: true that VC is well made game, good story with nice graphics, but I wished they put more customisation for the characters gears/weapons. SF4 is designed for arcade stick, you need the stick to enjoy the game 🙂

  4. I have to agree that X Edge story is weak and the soul search system is very annoying but the battles are good and the soundtrack amazing 😛 , the reason why the sales are low its because the game is aimed at a very specific audience.

    Still waiting for more confirmations on Agarest Senki release in Europe, only found the reservations on but nothing which is very weird. Won’t pre-order it but if its release of course I’ll order it 🙂
    .-= Belela-san´s last blog ..Back to the 80’s =-.

  5. @belela: yeah, the battle system is good, grinding is kinda fun especially when you see the 1000% multiplier haha. So which part are you on the game now? I’m at the true-end map now, grinding to lvl 200 =\

  6. The most interesting game i’ve played so far is still Valkyria Chronicles. I don’t know why you said Eternal Sonata is better than VC. I only played ES for 6 hours, so yeah… can’t really say anything about this game.

    Also, i’ve bought X Edge but haven’t even opened its plastic seal. Haha XD.

    MGS4 is pretty much short on gameplay. I watched my bro beating it in 5 hour for Big Boss Emblem (The Boss Extreme difficulty). But i admit, MGS4 got so many cool movie with 1080p resolution.

  7. @sonic_ver2: If you see the list, I put VC slightly above Eternal Sonata, you should try play more ES, the last bosses are not easy.

  8. not going to buy the new teast to tiara, since I haven’t even finished the 1st one..

    Trinity universe, yea, going to buy this one 😀

  9. cool i need help for tinity universe im go here lol

    do you white a faqs in english after finish the game ?

  10. @macfly: dunno about faqs, but if I have free time I may write one.., and about yakuza3 price, I have no idea as well, since I’m not in Japan heh..

  11. Kinda agree most except for MGS haha
    MGS online rocks! until the peeps playing the english version hacks
    most of us now shifting to JP MGO

    Hey ron~ We need to play blazeblue more hahaha

  12. RON? where you at? lol i’m in japan , but in and out …noticed you went to TGS, i wanted to go but i was in hospital…neways..picked up Trinity Universe, send me your email, and i’ll send you pics of my “volks DDD Yoko and Escalayer” (^_^)

  13. @macfly:
    right now since Ryu no gotoku 4 is comming out in 2010 spring or summer [i believe] the price for Yakuza 3 is REALLY cheap..i’m still over here in japan and last i checked used was like only 1500yen, and new was like 2300 yen….not to bad…..

    I sent the PIcs hope you got it (^_^)….

  14. @sin: 3.5 stars is still 85-89 score (see the score definition on the beginning of post).

    they are still good game, it’s just need more things for me to get 4 stars or more (such as longevity, need at least to entertain me for 50 hours minimum to get 4 stars hehe).

    all the games that I gave 4.5 stars or more are the game that last me more than 100 hours gameplay 😀

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