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Game Preview: Agarest Senki ZERO ~ PS3

Finally official information about Agarest Senki Zero (アガレスト戦記ZERO or Record of Agarest War Zero) has finally come out, and the official website for this game is also up. The game scheduled release date is the 25th June 2009 in Japan, There will be normal edition (7,140円) and limited edition (9,240円). So far only announced for Playstation 3 console.

Hit the jump to see more information, screen shots and character CGs.

This game is set 1000 years before the 1st series of Agarest Senki, and will feature Soul Breeding like the previous game, with added new systems called Free Intention and Feel Link.

With the Free Intention (accessible from the city menu), you can develop your relationship with your chosen heroine which may unlock some CGs and items / costumes.

The other one is Feel Link System; The dialog, the selection and the costume of the heroines will be related with the relationship level with them.

Apart from that, the developer also mentioned that this game will be “sexier” than the previous game.

I can see what they meant by “sexier”..

Combat screens


Jiku Haito ジークハイト *not sure how to pronounce..

CV: Tachibana Shinosuke 立花慎之介

1st Generation Hero

Mimeru ミーメル

CV: Mizuhara Kaori 水原薫

Dishana look alike?

Alice アリス

CV: Fujita Saki 藤田咲

I’m 100% sure she’s related to Agarest Senki’s Elise… maybe her mom? :O

Furiderinde フリーデリンデ *not sure how to pronounce..

CV: Koshimizu Ami 小清水亜美

1st Generation soul breed heroine

Lutie ルーティエ

CV: Gotou Yuuko 後藤邑子

1st Generation soul breed heroine

Sayane 紗弥音

CV: Sakuma Kumi 佐久間紅美

1st Generation soul breed heroine

I really hope this game will be as good as the first one, which I played for more than 200 hours 🙂


Game Official Site:
News and Images source: Game Watch Impress and Official Site

Game Info


Agarest Senki ZERO / アガレスト戦記ZERO


Compile Heart and Idea Factory


Playstation 3



Release date

25 June 2009


US$68.90 @ Play-Asia / Limited edition: Pre-order soon @ Play-Asia

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  1. Optic’s avatar

    I have a feeling there won’t be a western release because it contains explicit content.
    But, I remain hopefully. 🙂

    Optics last blog post.. neko-mimi Mikuru

  2. ron~’s avatar

    yeah, very low chance for this one to get English release, the 1st one doesn’t have English release…

  3. Deathy’s avatar

    Well, ever since they announced that Cross Edge would get a english version, my hopes that someday Agarest Senki and Tears to Tiara would reach the western market has raised a lot.

    Deathys last blog post.. Street Fighter kids

  4. Rin’s avatar

    I might consider getting this game…
    Bananas in the bath…never tried that before…
    Battle systems looks like it’ll be fun to play…
    Considering should I get it…

    Rins last blog post.. Finally Here!!!

  5. Derek’s avatar

    More girls to Soul Breed with, can’t wait for the Nico Videos showing all the marraige scenes and them wrapped in nothing more then bedsheets

  6. Adrian’s avatar

    WOW! I must get myself this game!
    But first, I must get a PS3 ._.

  7. mikiwank’s avatar

    It’s sad, but France will never have the chance to leave this title on its territory,I am pleased to see that this title will be on PS3

    mikiwanks last blog post.. [fig] Revoltech Rei White Hair

  8. samuraixyz’s avatar

    This was posted long ago on this site but I thought to let people know that there maybe still hope for an english version… or at least the game localized outside Japan.

    Apparently, there’s already preorders and a release date. (their site may take a long while to load)

    I hope it doesn’t get canceled…

  9. ron~’s avatar

    @samuraixyz: thanks for the info! I hope it will bet english release, the one that you linked seems to be the 1st Agarest, not this zero. but still it’s great 🙂

  10. samuraixyz’s avatar

    Whoops, sorry! I didn’t specify it; I just couldn’t believe it will be localized. But yeah, it’s the first not the new Zero, sorry again for the confusion. And no problem, just thought to let everyone know (and give hopes to Deathy as I just unexpectedly noticed) 🙂

  11. MermaidKasumi’s avatar

    Looks awesome, cant wait to see future generation characters!!
    I’ll be importing this for sure as well as the UK Agarest Generations of War(though seems like something is wrong with the preorder website provided it wont let me place an order).

  12. MermaidKasumi’s avatar

    Sorry to double post but does anyone know where I can get hi-res character art from Agarest Senki not the cg but official character art?

  13. ron~’s avatar

    there’s none official art apart from the 3-4 images you can find from screenshot posted in gamespot/gamefaqs..

    I uploaded a bunch of screenshot from the 1st game tho, just search this site with “agarest CG”, you’ll find them.

  14. MermaidKasumi’s avatar

    Hehe I should have made myself clearer, I meant character art from the first Agarest Senki.

  15. MermaidKasumi’s avatar

    lol I meant like the character art they use for the portraits, it’s okay thanks though ^_^

    Btw they have updated the official Zero site, there’s a cute fairy and pretty elf maiden!

  16. kintaro619’s avatar

    hey ron long time no see/talk

    as for your quote for “Alice” if it takes place 1000 years ago….i know elf’s live longer but maybe Alice would be her GREAT GRANDMA? lol…heheh

    but i’m in JAPAN right now and will get the LE version…i already PRE-ordered it over here (^_^) can’t wait!

  17. ron~’s avatar

    @kintaro: any poster / stick poster for the limited edition? as far as I know they give interview cd (with seiyuus) and jigsaw puzzle.. I want big agarest poster 🙁

  18. kintaro619’s avatar

    well i asked the guy and he said that he’d be able to give me a poster [like the ones they display with the release date] if his boss wasn’t there when i pick it up….so far i belive the interview cd and i think a music soundtrack comes with the LE…i’ll let you know once i get it. hehe i feel ya on the BIG AGarest poster…..if i can get an extra one i’ll send one to ya (^_^)

  19. kintaro619’s avatar

    oh yeah i think i might be able to re-route my flight scheduel and stop by AUStralia….i was thinking of visiting my buddy in perth/darwin where you from?

  20. ron~’s avatar

    @kintaro: I’m in melbourne 🙂

  21. kintaro619’s avatar

    well if you want i’ll see if i can get an extra copy of the game, if not i can send you one?[you want?] but of course the game i might have to charge ya but if i can get an extra poster i’ll bring/send it to ya for free… melborne huh? do you watch TENNIS? i’d like to visit..u think if i go there you can show me around?

  22. ron~’s avatar

    don’t worry about getting me the game 🙂 i got a friend there that usually I can ask to buy stuffs for me 😀

    if you can get me poster I’ll be happy to get one from you hehe, i’ll pay for the postage for sure 🙂

    I’m going to Tokyo this September for TGS, we can meet up if you are in around Tokyo area.

    I dont really watch tennis, but i did see the last melbourne open here was rooting for Federer tho haha

  23. kintaro619’s avatar

    coo coo , np……don’t worry about postage for a poster, i’m pretty sure its not expensive. as for TGS, im from the STATES just wanted to attend the “tokyo-con” heheh OTAKU DESU!…and i might be able to schduel a stay in tokyo in sep..depends on what days..and of couse visit friends/family up in yokohama/yokosuka area… hm…Federer? hehe.. he’s doing good..i play a lot of sports [soccer/tennis/swim/football] pretty active and i pretty much hiked up Mt.fuji. and parts of Nagasaki….i wanna see more of JP but not enough time….

    newho…HOw far is Melborne from Darwin/Perth? ne good places you know in those areas for GAMES/ps3/anime stuff?

    thanks for the help…[back to topic of Agarest ZERO] only 1 MORE WEEK!!!!

  24. ron~’s avatar

    haha, perth/darwin is very far from melbourne, it’s like perth = california, darwin = North Dakota, and Melbourne = Florida, about that far 😀

    yeah can’t wait for agarest zero, i already asked my friend to buy one for me 😀 already filled my JP PSN with 5k yen also haha i’m sure they will have some costumes available for download (although may need to wait several months, like cross edge)

  25. kintaro619’s avatar

    oh s#ooT! i need to do that too!….hahah..thanks for the reminder…man..i’m glad you mentioned that cuz if i went back to the states it’d take a bunch of time for it to arrive..but still its better to have it “ready” then have it avalible for DLC and have to wait….

    woah melborne far far!? im’ assuming then that you haven’t been to perth/darwin? oh well….how about in Melborune NE good anime/gaming places? or possibly names of stores over in Darwin/perth that carries games/anime?

    sigh…i’ve been visiting the gaming store over here in “yoko” waiting and making sure that i get my “copy”and looking around aimlessly, and i’m pretty sure the dudes like “WTF?!? him again? {Mat-taku-mo!} LOL…

  26. ron~’s avatar

    yeah, i’ve never been to perth or darwin, too far! for anime, too many bootlegs seller in here. only 1-2 local shops are trustworthy, but there’s a good japan magazine shop here that sells anime magazines. I have no idea about anime stores in darwin and perth he he

    btw, what is your PSN id? i should add yours 😀 or you can add mine (ronaldhw)

  27. kintaro619’s avatar

    hehe kintaro619 is my PSNID, i didn’t bring my “US” ps3 with me which is my MAIN, but i’ll see if i can create a psn Id for my japanese one and add ya,

    alot of bootlegers? awww….that sucks, well i’ll just post another reply here when/if i do go to aussy, and head to melborune..hehe

    neways, ne-new news for Agarest? i’m not going to visit the game store today but i think the chances of me getting a poster are slightly “higher now” hehe…

  28. ron~’s avatar

    you can just add your US PSN to your japanese ps3 🙂 easier that way rather creating a new one.

    haven’t heard anything about agarest, 1 week away from release. I want to see the new AAS they put 😀

    hehe you should come to the store and bug them more, may get extra poster 😀

  29. kintaro619’s avatar

    well its the weekend and i’mma go visit the “echi” area later on today in TK-yo, hehe…ive heard “pixY” has lowered there price to a normal “2000-3000yen special”….on select titles… (^_^)

  30. kintaro619’s avatar

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! 24 hours! and i saw that the game store near me has IT ALREADY! but can’t give it out [i bileve it to be since i saw the box/game but who know maybe “display case?] either way the excitment! *stares* at the game guy behind the counter.

  31. ron~’s avatar

    I still need to wait at least a week to get the game delivered to me tho!

    so I have 1 week to finish my cross edge true route hahaha

  32. ron~’s avatar

    My copy just arrived from Play-Asia! they gave me the hand fan bonus also 😀

  33. MermaidKasumi’s avatar

    Dont forget to let us know how the game is(and if theres a mermaid character for me hehe!)


  34. kintaro619’s avatar

    MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I”VE BEEN SO INTO THIS GAME THAT I”VE FOGot to post!…well so far its like mc’donalds [I”m Lovin IT!] and i’ll update you as soon as i can, didn’t check out the game guide yet and i might have to start over [like i did for the first one] so that my first play through would be a good foundation for the future playthroughs….. as for the poster, i’ll be able to get ONE for sure, but i might be able to get a 2nd one! i’ll try my best, but got to wait till they “update/replace there store with posters/etc…for the new up’in coming games……

    -to mermaidkasumi-
    Don’t worry I’ll let ya know so far i’ve been lv’ning for like hours and trying to get the best possible outcome/karma for the ladies….and what does which [might help me if i check the guide] but i’m so busy trying/testing out the game that i’m hooked!

    okie ttyl guys!

  35. ron~’s avatar

    @mermaidkasumi: I will after I finish the game 😀

    @kintaro: I added your PSN, approve my request mate hehe. I also dont really use the guide, I just use the guide to get the girl that I want 😀 btw, seems like there’s no selection on the game difficulty at start, strange…, and also is that bashtaru the same one with agarest senki? haha

  36. mermaidkasumi’s avatar

    Cool, thanks guys ^_^

  37. macfly’s avatar

    it’s possible to translate a game guide to english version ?

    please thanks

  38. ron~’s avatar

    @mermaidkasumi: found mermaid, but have to buy from japanese PSN lol, can resurrect Reveri from the older agarest senki haha, i’m waiting for them to release fyuria 😀

    @macfly: i’ve been pretty busy recently, so not sure if I will write a guide. but You can always come here and ask 😀

    I’m still in the 2nd generation. This game is harder than the previous one! but I think that’s because they assumed the player have mastered the combo/strategy from the previous agarest haha. Tips from me is to abuse the rapid stream combo, i can clear whole bunch of enemies in 1 turn most of time using Dana and Neal (both have rapid move and blast, with over 2k ATK at lvl 40) 😀

    my 1st gen party: Jik, Alice, Mimel, Linda, Sayane, Lutie
    2nd gen party: Leon, Alice, Mimel, Apuri, Dana, Neal

    I got huge problem at the start of 2nd gen, because you have to do battles before they allow you to free roams.. at the start of 2nd gen you got Leon and Neal with crap gear, and lost Jik, Linda, Sayane,and Lutie.. had to use lvl 12 tetora and lvl 8 eugene =\

  39. ron~’s avatar

    I just knew that you can load the 1st game save data to go to extra mode (can go to the agarest senki world!), restarting the game now… getting the 1st agarest senki characters hehehe

  40. 9milli’s avatar

    The original is coming to Australia soon! Check the intro movie!

  41. Zerva’s avatar

    Hi Agarest senki zero is better than the original? You going to write a review or impressions of this game? Thanks for answer 😉

  42. Ayu’s avatar

    Furiderinde フリーデリンデ = most likely FRIEDLINDE ( a german-ish name )

  43. Pavlova’s avatar

    its coming out in english, btw, instead it hasn’t been stated befoer

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