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Death Note Nendoroids ~ Good Smile Company

Death Note nendoroids made by Good Smile Company. L, Kira, Ryuk and Misa (Click read more to see misa :)). These death note figurines (and also the apples ^^) are danie~’s (I don’t have any males figurine ^^;)

Misa cosplaying as L

There’s a design flaw in Kira and Misa nendoroids, not the figurine, but it’s the base. Their base is not strong enough to support their big heads -_-. Had to use blutack to help them stand (you can see the blutack at Kira back on the last 2 picture ^^;).

Be very careful when buying these nendoroids, because there’s fake/bootleg version for these Death Note nendoroid figurines.

Camera Info

Nikon D40, Sigma 150mm F2.8 Macro HSM Lens

Figurine Info


Good Smile Company


Non Scale


2857 yen each

Release date

July 2007 (Kira & Ryuk) October 2007 (L & Misa)


April re-release (Kira, Ryuk, and L) @ HLJ

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  1. Adun’s avatar

    I’ve got some nendroids here but have yet to look at them. They are so cute though but I didn’t buy the Death Note ones. My sister probably would have.

    Adun’s last blog post..Bamboo Blade – 23

  2. Aya Kyunik’s avatar

    lol, Nice photos there~
    The head switching kinda looks cool with Misa XD Prolly my fav from this post.

    But…but the poor apple!! ;__;

    Shame to hear that the bases are flawed, but at least it was just the base instead of the actual figure~

    Aya Kyunik’s last blog post..nyoro~n

  3. super rats’s avatar

    That Misa in the chair next to the apple is so cute! I love that shot. Oh, you’ve put her on L’s body! Sweetness.

    super rats’s last blog post..Pretty Slayer Akatsuki Mishiro

  4. Setsuna-san’s avatar

    Nice use of props. LOL at apple being consumed.

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..SONY PSP COSPLAY: The Force is STRONG with this event.

  5. AS’s avatar

    Lol, a apple the size of Ryuk, his dream come true ^^. Sucks to hear that their big heads can’t be supported ^^;, but I’m glad you came up with a solution. The only nenroid I want is the Lucky Star ones and I doubt I will be able to get them but I still have hope that I might find them and have them in my possession ;p.

    AS’s last blog post..Respect your elders

  6. radiant’s avatar

    I’m so glad that I got L. He’s the cutest of them all. 🙂

  7. valho’s avatar

    they are so cute, but due to budget reason i skip all of Death Note nendoroids. I like the shot with Misa in L’s body, really cute haha, and the apple is a nice touch too

    valho’s last blog post..Code Geass ~ Kallen

  8. Coco the Bean’s avatar

    Gwah, these nendoroids are too cute. The before/after shots of the apple was pretty funny.

  9. sonic_ver2’s avatar

    It’s always fun to play with nendoroids. Especially switching their head. Have you ever tried putting Haruhi’s head on L’s body?

    sonic_ver2’s last blog post..Nendoroid invasion – Haruhi, Yuki, Mikuru

  10. Choo’s avatar

    omg omg so cute cute. Misa looks cute at the last picture. Light too!

    Choo’s last blog post..Harajuku

  11. misakichii’s avatar

    Aww L is really cute there. The only male figurine i have is the puchi nendo kyon that came in a set haha.

    misakichii’s last blog post..My top 5 favourite seiyuus

  12. ron~’s avatar

    eh i have nendo petite kyon too, but trading figurines and gashapons one are not real figurine :p

  13. dice’s avatar

    kyaa! Kawaii! Yeah i loved the bitten apple shot! And L is so totally gorgeous! LOL.

    dice’s last blog post..Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

  14. suneo’s avatar

    Cute! The apple prop was nice

    I wanted a L nendoroid in his sitting pose before. At the time I thought nendoroids were like little 2″ figures or something. I wanted the L but I didn’t think $30-40 was worth this little figure haha

    Funny enough I think my interest in the L figure opened up the way and reintroduced me back into the 1/6 – 1/8 scale figure game lol

    suneo’s last blog post..[Figures] New Queen’s Blade stuff

  15. coeli’s avatar

    They’re so cute!

    Sadly I can’t buy one of them nendroids lest I give in to the temptation of buying them all. (What about my samurai and lovely ladies??)

    And yeah, too expensive for something so small.

    coeli’s last blog post..Speed Racer Character Posters

  16. gordon’s avatar

    nice touch with the apples. ^^

    gordon’s last blog post..Singapore Concrete Jungle

  17. lylibellule’s avatar

    Excellent idea ” the blow of the apple “! Good work, really very beautiful photos!

    lylibellules last blog post.. Light Yagami RAH 12″ Medicom