Comiket Day 3, Cosplay Photos

Went to comiket today (and 2 days ago, but I didn’t take alot of photos ^^). Anyway, the queue to enter comiket was really terrible, I had to wait 50 minutes to get in, the queue is around 500m or more (maybe 1km). Here are some of the queue photos, there were like hundred thousands of people waiting to get in ><

Look at the queue @_@

Half way yay!


Now, the cosplay photos!

Warning there are 60 photos.. each photo has around 50k-80k size.

Lucky Star!

Misato & Asuka….


Rozen Maiden

Ryoumou, she’s cute

Evangelion girls..

Another eva girls..

School Rumble, Eri!


Black Saber

Btw, she’s the prettiest cosplayer I’ve ever seen..

Haha, he said why you guys like to photo sleeping man


She’s sexy :D~ *nose bleed*

Ragnarok Online, Monk (thanks to mhuu~ for correcting)

Tifa & Aerith

Prince of Tennis, at least Inui looks better than the live action!

This Asuka is the cutest Asuka so far..

omg! yuri! Rozen Maiden

Haha, I totally remember this episode

Fate Hollow Ataraxia family

Meido Saber, ahoge included!

White moon princess

That’s all, got several others, but most are same person ^^.

All pictures were taken with Nikon D40, AF-S Nikkor 18-55mm

17 Replies to “Comiket Day 3, Cosplay Photos”

  1. wooo… nice~~~
    still so jealous wif u thou~ goin to comicket is like, the otaku’s ultimate dream -.-; *destroying ur ps3 in despair* bwahaha~ xD

    hey, take sum seiyu pics please~? :-p

  2. That 2nd photo really shows the magnitude of the event. Look at those lines! Great pics with the cosplayers, my favorite is the girl with the blonde hair and the sky blue dress(w_cos34.jpg).

  3. That Lacus looks really good. Is that the only shot of her that you got?^^

    I can spot a camel toe on the white moon princess photo^^

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. very nice pictures you got there
    i’m glad you are enjoying your trip to Japan.
    That Lacus Clyne wannabe wannabe (if you get my drift :p) is pretty nice 🙂

  5. @mhuu~: thanks for the correction been like almost 3 years since i played RO ^^

    @Kirakun: yah, she looks like meer instead of lacus

  6. Nice to see there aren’t many Narutards in your pics lol, no offense to those of you who are. I’m just tired of seeing so much of them. Japan’s cosplaying is some of the best I still see, thanks for the pics.

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