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Comiket 75 Doujin Game

So now the Comiket 75 is happening in Ariake. And tomorrow (30th Dec 2008), my circle will sell this doujin game in Comiket (Block X-48a).

Props for Evospace and other people in the project for the hard work πŸ™‚ I hope it sells well tomorrow! (even tho it is still a demo ver :D)

  1. Otaku Dan’s avatar

    good luck on selling your game

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  2. Rin’s avatar

    I read Evospaces blog everyday and I found out about this game through his site…
    I didn’t know you worked on it Ron~….that’s cool!!!!!
    I hope that this game sells well…as it’s a pretty cool game!!!!!
    I want a copy now…

    Rins last blog post.. A Week In Toronto 2

  3. suneo’s avatar

    holy cow i didn’t know you were part of a circle participating in C75 also haha. Haven’t been runnin around the blog sphere as much lately I guess :

    I would have tried to ask you or your buddies if you could help me grab Vol. 2 of the Cherry Girls fanbook πŸ˜› Hope the nice folks I contacted who are also participating at C75 will be able to help me out >< lol

    Good luck to your circle! Respect *bumps fists* lol

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  4. Blowfish’s avatar

    Ah good old Shmups πŸ˜€
    Didnt know that you ere part of a Circle.
    I wish you good Luck with your Demo

  5. ron~’s avatar

    @suneo: I’m not coming to Japan tho, so I cant buy you anything ^^;

  6. sonic_ver2’s avatar

    Looks somewhat cool. Shooting that neko-arc seems fun. Is Akiha the only playable character?

  7. Zeroblade’s avatar

    Congratulations on getting the game out, and good luck getting it sold at Comiket! :3

  8. AnimeVocalist’s avatar

    Good luck selling it!!! I loved the fact gilgamesh (that’s him right?) is there haha πŸ™‚

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  9. The-O’s avatar

    Looks like a great game, hope it does well!

  10. Coco the Bean’s avatar

    How exciting! I hope it did really well!

  11. M12_Vinja’s avatar

    Wow, so you guys built this game? It looks like fun! Yes, I hope it’ll sell very well.

    M12_Vinjas last blog post.. 3koma – Walking on Water

  12. sin’s avatar

    How did you meet your circle at the first time again ?

    sins last blog post.. January 2009 Log

  13. ron~’s avatar

    @sin: from blog hehe