PS3 tan 1st Rough Draft

Not too happy with the current PS3 tan art in the internet, so I decided to draw my own version 🙂 Anyway, this one is the 1st rough draft. Need input and suggestion, what should I put on her arm and boots, also i’m going to change her boots, but still not sure about the design.

I’ve got input to make her hips (and thigh, and also butt) a lil bigger, so I’ll do that, no need to mention that again heh..

*this one is a very rough draft, so the coloring is just there to help you see better, not the final coloring ><

Soul Calibur 4 Omake Translation

These are the translation of Soul Calibur 4 omake that I post on Tuesday. Actually I’ve updated the Tuesday post and added the translation there one by one, but I decided to create new post and put all the translation here.

Just finished all the translations today. This is my first time doing fansub, took me around 20 hours.. I was stuck in some uncommon katakana words, and also rephrasing the words in english wasn’t easy too @_@ now with this thing finished, I can do some figurine photo session for my next post 😀

You can find the japanese version here

Click the image for larger version.

Reading is from left to right

Chapter 1

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