Dengeki Festival Little Busters EX is AWESOME!

This is the first time I post something about magazine (even tho I have plenty of them ^^). Main reason is because of the awesomeness of this Dengeki Festival 😀 It even beats the one that come with Dakimakura (at least at that time I wasn’t this excited hahaha!). Big thanks to my mate hectic3 who helped me bought this magazine 😀

This Dengeki Little Buster EX comes with ecstasy box (well, the box is about the same with previous Dengeki festivals..) which has a mouse pad, puzzles and a set of playing card. This book is also rated 18 years and up, since there are Hentai pictures in it. The game itself is non eroge game, but it has eroge version scheduled for 25 July 2008 release.

Read more to see some of the contents, some of the images may not safe for work (NSFW).

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