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For you that collects figurines, I’m sure you’ve heard this company name before, however there won’t be anymore figurine from them; Jun Planning has suspended their Japan operation since 30th April and files for bankruptcy.

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Just helping to spread the news. HLJ is having Birthday Sale, some of their figurines are on Sale.

Haruhi Nendo Petite 40% off to 3427yen
GSC Unity May 40% off to 3905yen
Kotobukiya Asa 40% off to 4080yen
Alter Teanna 30% off to 4760yen
Alter Signum 30% off to 6160yen
Max Factory Seena 30% off to 4829yen
Alter Louise School Uniform 30% off to 4760yen

and many more

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So now the Comiket 75 is happening in Ariake. And tomorrow (30th Dec 2008), my circle will sell this doujin game in Comiket (Block X-48a).

Props for Evospace and other people in the project for the hard work 🙂 I hope it sells well tomorrow! (even tho it is still a demo ver :D)

Saimoe 2008 Winner

Congrats Kagami for winning Saimoe 2008! You deserve it 🙂

Click on these to see her past match results:
Round 3
Round 4
Quarter Finals
Semi Finals and Final


Quarter Finals just finished, only 4 remains now; Kagami, Nagisa, Tsukasa, and Hinagiku. A lil bit surprised that 3 Clannad girls were dropped in the Qfs, but I really like the Semi result :). I hope Kagami can make it into final this time, ganbare!

Links: Official Saimoe 2008 Site :: Competition Diagram

If you plan to vote, please follow the instruction here or here

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