Spring 2008 Anime Preview with PV

So, spring season has come~~ like the other 30129 bloggers, otadesho now presents you the Spring Anime Preview~ \(^_^)/ (yes, despite the fact that the first week has passed) but we won’t list out all 50 spring anime, only those that me or ron will watch or just give a try.. so don’t expect things like Junjou Romantica or Blassreiter here (we’re scared of yaoi and 3D, lol).

I also put the promo video for each anime. mail order viagra Click to play.

Well then, hit the jump for the previews~

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Anime Network Online

Anime Network, ADV opened free legal streaming anime video late last month (November 2007). Currently this site is only open for U.S and Canada internet users (they do IP checking, I had to use proxy to get in >_< ). The videos they offer are high quality video. Best part from viewing from this site is that it’s legal, and FREE (they do have ads in the anime, just like TV).

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