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back from dead (not really~)

It has been 10 months since my last update! I’ve been busy with real life, had so many things going on. one good news tho, I’m now engaged, and going to get married sometime next year :)

It’s been buying a lot less figurine in these recent months, so I think I’m less otaku than I used to be haha (who would have thought!), but I still love taking photos (and play games). I’ve built another blog for my photography hobby located at (You can see my fiancee there :D)

I took this Saber Lily photo just now to test my DIY studio light, using the lamps that I usually use for figurine photos :)

Click image for bigger photo

Camera Info

Nikon D700, Nikkor AF-D 50mm F1.4 Lens

Figurine Info


Good Smile Company



Release date

September 2009

  1. moyism’s avatar

    nice to see you back from the dead, even temporarily!

    Also congrats on the engagement and eventual wedding! I assume the future misses is somewhat okay w/ the hobbies ;)
    .-= moyism´s last blog ..Anime Expo 2010 orz =-.

  2. dice’s avatar

    omedetou! haha seems like we are pretty much the same in terms of the blogging scene. my last post is an overdue saber lily too. haha
    .-= dice´s last blog ..Saber Lily – Distant Avalon =-.

  3. e-jump’s avatar

    Guess you’re getting old as well. I too has reduced on my pvc’s, for my photog gears >_<

  4. ron~’s avatar

    @moyism: thank you :) yeah she’s ok with the hobbies, she even found some of my hidden hentai haha, and dakimakura -_-”

    @dice: thank you dice :)

    @e-jump: thanks, yeah photog gears are expensive!

  5. Coco the Bean’s avatar

    Heeey! It’s nice to to see you sort of back :D

    And congrats to the two of you!! :3

  6. ron~’s avatar

    @coco: thank you :)

  7. lu-k’s avatar

    Wooot welcome back and congratz about this great news :D
    Glad to see you’re doing very well ^^
    Will keep an eye on your other photoblog!
    .-= lu-k´s last blog ..Engaku-ji =-.

  8. Blowfish’s avatar

    Good to see you back!
    I guess I should say congratulations for scoring yourself such a fine young lady! Checked your PhotoBlog and it looks pretty nice. Ill keep an eye on it ^^

  9. KawaiiQiao’s avatar

    Congratulations on your engagement! :3
    I was wondering if you’d like to exchange blog roll links? :3

  10. pen486’s avatar

    so that means you are like from high school of the dead? nah, just kiddin welcome back then and congrats too. XD

  11. Anime’s avatar

    Sweet Bllog!! <3 btw congrats on your engagement!

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