Atelier Rorona sold out at Akihabara

Woah been a while since I did my last post, was very busy and hectic recently 🙂 anyway I just read this from my RSS reader that Atelier Rorona is selling out like hot cake at Akihabara.

This game just got released yesterday (25th) in Japan together with Blaz Blue and Agarest Senki Zero. Never imagined that this game will be sold out :O

I want to see how many units sold for Agarest Senki Zero and Rorona, can’t wait for next week sales number 😀

I haven’t bought this game yet, going to finish Agarest Zero first hehe.

More information can be read from here

10 Replies to “Atelier Rorona sold out at Akihabara”

  1. hello ron

    this game is playable for no japonese ?

    do you write atelier rorona english guide ?

    valkyria 2 for psp damn !!!! very good t rpg in ps3

  2. hello ron~

    i have atelier rorona but its very difficult for no japonese :/

    I search a site or I can find help if you know this


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