Asuka Bunny ~ Sega

Asuka Bunny, from Sega. There’s actually 2 version of this figurine, this red version, and red/black version. I wasn’t sure about the quality so I only bought one, and she’s my 1st Sega prize figurine. Decided to do something different so I took the photos directly from my computer desk, handheld (sorry if the photos are blurry, my hand is a lil bit shakey) ^^

The quality of this figurine is mediocre, but it’s quite good considering that the price is very cheap… best part about this figurine is definitely her pose 😀

She doesn’t come with base, so I use my used DVD as her base 🙂

There’s only one complain from me, her eyes (lower eyes) is too big ^^;

Eventho this figurine is not 100% perfect, and the quality isn’t that good, but I like it 🙂 Asuka fans shouldn’t miss this one, especially with her cheap price.

I also just bought new flash gun Nikon SB600, all the pictures taken above are using the new flash gun 🙂 my camera is now huge and heavy =\ aproximately arround 2kg >_<.

Here’s the difference between the stock flash and SB600, both use the same settings.

Camera Info

Nikon D40, Sigma 150mm F2.8 Macro HSM Lens, Nikon SB600

Figurine Info




Non Scale (as big as 1/7)


Sega Prize (purchased $17.95 from play-asia)

Release date

Feb 2008


Discontinued @ Play-asia

15 Replies to “Asuka Bunny ~ Sega”

  1. nice shots! that’s pretty good depth of field!
    Like Timotei says, not a big fan of Sega manufactured figures. They’re cheap, but you get what you pay for. Fortunately, this one is of fairly good quality, and doesn’t have the risk of leaning like other Sega prize figures.

    radiant’s last blog post..I *heart* Vieras

  2. I see that quality of the figure is pretty love. The camera you have seems to be really good compared to my Sony one. I might consider getting that camera too!!! Some Sega figures are actually pretty good. I have a Sega Cardcaptor Sakura figure. It’s really well detailed. The quality is pretty good. Some figures I saw are better then others…

    Rin’s last blog post..Ai Sp@ce

  3. actually the quality of this figurine is not that good ^^; abit challenging to take her picture.

    @adun: bought the flashgun for A$260, from ebay seller. Local retailer here (Ted’s camera) sells this one for A$450

  4. Lovely figure of Asuka, normally I’m not a fan of Sega figures but this one hits the spot ^^.

    Your new flash produces more warmth on the pictures than the stock one which makes them colder which makes them more balanced (the new flash).

    It seems that your Asuka pictures look a bit “noisy”, where they taken with low light and auto iso?!

    Belela-san’s last blog post..Lycoris Radiata

  5. @belela-san: there’s reason why the pictures are noisy ^^; sharp photos for this figurine would show the lack of the figurine quality ^^; (which I did before I took this ones). Those pictures are taken with ISO 200, but with fast shutter speed (handheld) and quite dim light ^^; another thing that adds the noisiness is the jpeg compression 😀

  6. I guess I am not found of Asuka enough. Bunny girl costume isnt my cup of tea for this character 😐
    Great pictures though! If not mentioned, I would not have guess this is actually a Sega product. For what I have seen/heard so far, Sega doesnt seem to produce good quality figures.

    lu-k’s last blog post..Sawatari ~auu~ Makoto

  7. ahh another one of those figures I wanted to get but eventually decided against after much thinking and adding to cart, only to not go through checkout lol.

    I really like the pose and the ah…outfit she’s wearing too lol. Would have gotten both just so I could have some sort of mini Asuka shrine (currently only have an old Asuka Kotobukiya figure).

    suneo’s last blog post..[Anime(?)] Live action Ghost in the Shell movie??

  8. u surely got a nice weapon there SB 600 🙂

    it’s make the colour lively 🙂

    anyway sega is nice cause the price is really low, but you can’t excpected something too good 🙂

    my sega figure almost like a plastic 🙂 but it is really cheap and it is rei…

    sega likes to make rei in unique version 🙂

    Vixion’s last blog post..Alice In Wonderland

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