Anime Otaku Test


Measure your anime otaku-ness with the test found in here (if the link fails, try here instead).

What is your score? my score is only 70% ^^;

Old article related to otaku test:

Japan was having first national otaku test in 2005. There are many categories for Otaku such as Railroad (tetsu) or Military (gunji), but for the first one, the problems were focused on Akiba style such as Doujin, Game, Anime, Comic Market (anime convention and likes). Its editorial department says “Otaku has become one of the culture that Japan can proud of. We can say new century is Otaku’s era. We decided to hold this exam to raise Otaku Elites who possess correct and beautiful Otaku knowledge.” The test were written in “postgraduate”-level japanese.

Whoever passed the exam received a certificate which grant them recognition as experts in the field of “otaku”.

To see sample question (in English of course) go to this site.

I can’t find news about 2006 and 2007 otaku test, the website event organizer website is no longer active 🙁

10 Replies to “Anime Otaku Test”

  1. Hmmm, 54.80%
    But damn, those questions are ollllllllllllld~~~~
    some of them just don’t relate anymore, tapes? …actually I still do have tapes, but no VCR in my room lol

    It would be cool to actually see the certificate, I wonder how’d it look.

  2. Geez. i just couldnt stand the length of the quiz.

    Anyone genuinely finishes the quiz should have been regarded as 100% otaku anyway~ regardless how many ticks they apply.

  3. HAHAHAHA my score is great:

    Your final score is 49 out of a possible 250.

    That makes you 19.60% Otaku Corrupt.

    You are ranked at: 687 lbs of pure, unadulterated Totoro.

    You are best described as:
    A Part-time otaku (you probably have a real life…)

    HAHA as I said in I’m nearly a non-otaku but seriously I agree with Aya these question are really old, nothing talking about figures or gundam model kits

  4. this quiz was made for american otaku.. it got stupid questions like who is the founder of what forum/club/whatever in US~

    well, thank Haruhi for that, I only scored 61.5%~~ xD

  5. 70.80% You are best described as:
    A Shameless otaku!
    :3 waaah shameless…that’s good…ne ? n///n”

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