Anime Figurines and Melbourne

It’s been a week since my last post, and this one is going to be the longest post so far :D. This is my rant about the availability of authentic anime figurines in here, Melbourne (Australia). There aren’t many shop that sell official anime figurines, and if they do, the price is quite expensive, about double than the original price.

The only shops that I knew sell authentic figurines are Minotaur, EB Games and Hobby Japan (not related to Hobby Link Japan/HLJ). Other shops are selling mostly bootlegged figurines….


Minotaur (located in Elizabeth street, in city) only sells Australia released figurines (from Madman), which is… not many, they have the Kotobukiya 1/8 Rei and Asuka plugsuit, several Inuyashas, and several small figurines, mostly they sell western cartoon figurines (Simpsons, Futurama).

EB Games also sells only Australia released figurines (not all EB Games stores sell figurines), but most only sell 2-3 figurines (the one in Victoria Garden only has cowboy bebop, and Chadston sells Kotobukiya 1/8 Rei & Asuka), they also sell Lost (TV series) figurines.

Hobby Japan is the only shop that sells wide range of authentic anime figurines, but with quite expensive price, for example the 1/7 Asuka Langley Gothic Lolita from kotobukiya and 1/6 Asuka in summer wear by Amie-Grand are priced A$125 each, while the original price were only A$55 (4800 yen) and A$65 (5800 yen). I bought several FSN collective memories (by GSC) trading figurines from them which cost me $13.50 each (original price if 600 yen or A$7). There are 2 Hobby Japan shops, one is located in china town in city, and one is in Box Hill. The one in box hill has nice collection of Keroro merchandise 🙂

Yesterday, while I was at Box Hill, I went to Hobby Japan and saw the Alter 1/6 bikini saber in their show case; but somehow the figurine quality was not good compared to mine (which I bought from JList). I asked the price and the shop assistant picked the boxed figurine to check the price, and I got the chance to actually hold the box and did some thorough check. I CAN’T FIND THE HOLOGRAM STICKER! they were selling this figurine for A$95, abit cheaper than their original 1/6 price (which mostly around A$125). I can’t confirm if they were authentic or not, but the quality of Alter 1/6 bikini saber on their display showcase was inferior to the one that i have.


The other shop that sells wide range of anime figurine is AnimeZone (located in box hill), but be very careful, 80% of their items are bootleg (non authentic, pirated, recast) items. They sell most of the figurines under A$50, but they do sell original figurines, which have same price with Hobby Japan, for example the 1/8 Rei and Asuka Plugsuit by Kotobukiya is priced A$115 in AnimeZone, while the Australia release for this figurine (can buy them at minotaur or Chadston EB games) only priced A$75.

And there is an online shop based in Melbourne called Tamarket. Their price is cheaper compared to Hobby Japan, and has more up to date figurines for sale. They seem to sell authentic figurines, but I can’t really confirm 100% because I haven’t got the chance to buy from them, because HLJ price is cheaper :p Tamarket offers pick up, so you can save postage cost if you are located in Melbourne.

My best advice for anime figurine collector in Melbourne is: Buy your anime figurine online from reputable online shop (HLJ, HobbySearch, JList). it will save you alot and you don’t need to worry about bootlegged/fake items. The only drawback is that you have to be patient 🙂 shipping will take almost 3 weeks (faster with EMS, but more expensive..)

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  1. I am bothered by how easy it is for people to accidentally buy low quality boots, especially since many don’t even know how prevalent they are. I’m sure some give up on it as soon as they take a look at the crap that comes out of the box.

  2. the main problem is that most of people wouldn’t know whether the item is a bootleg item or an authentic one; till they see the authentic one…

    And some of the bootlegs are high quality, less than the authentic, but not that much

  3. Do you ever go to Manifest mate? There is a heck more shops than you might know…and you can check their owners and products out

  4. I work at Hobby Japan City store…

    I can say that the prices are fairly expensive compared to online stores for a few reasons, one peing we actually have a store. But regarding bootleg figures, even I noticed a few that might be questionable =/

    Honestly, I would rather buy from HLJ than Hobby Japan, but I know of a few people who do come into the store to buy figures just don’t have the resources to buy online (or refuse to), we can also do special orders at no extra cost….since the figures are already expensive -_-;

    Nice guide tho, and like some other coments here, it is scary when people accidentally buy inferrior goods without knowing it.

  5. Thanks Aya. Do Hobby Japan have employee discount for their employee?

    What are the special orders price? same price with the store price or japanese retail price? I assume they charge the store price.

  6. We do get employee discount but…I find ordering from HLJ still cheaper since Hobby Japan still has to pay for other costs, however with trading figures I can pretty much get them at just above yen price.

    Special orders will cost the normal store price, not the original yen price =/
    So if you can, it’s better to get online (even if you have to wait a lil)

    Oh, and like The_Observer said, Manifest has a few stores that sell figures, but they’re still fairly expensive in general, you may find a nice bargain tho. I got a 1/8 figure of Aya Hasebe from…forgot the store name, for $25 :3

  7. Hi, I’m Tama^chan from Tamarket 🙂

    All our figures are legit as well – we’ve seen the bootleg ones, and they are just too dodgy in quality to sell >_

  8. Argh! my post got cut off halfway through…

    Anyway, what I was going to say was that we get our figures by importing directly from Japanese and US suppliers, and we also try to get the special convention-only stuff like the Wonderfest limited-release figures. Hope the info helps 🙂

  9. Hi Tamachan, i’d like to point out the Griffon ent. never released a PVC version of their Ikkitousen Kanu Uncho figure which you are selling … for a very high price

  10. Oh and regarding Manifest,

    there is nothing you can’t already get online that you can find at manifest. The selection of items cater for fanboys/girls rather than collectors, which in no way is a bad thing but shrug

  11. I live in Canberra, a bit further up than melbourne and we don’t have ANYTHING. At all. There’s nothing of the sort in anime figures or merchandise, apart from manga and anime.
    And shipping costs are a bit much on my pay, so it’s really hard to find someone good to sell to me. I’d bundle together, but I have barely enough for one at a time.

    I swear, I’m going to create a proper anime retailer store chain for Australia when I get out of school ^^

  12. Thanks for this post!
    I visited all the stores there, and I also found a shop
    OzAnimart has a physical shop in Melbourne, where they sell 100% real figures, no bootlegs or fakes, nothing!

    I live in Melbourne too and going around buying anime merchandise is really hard.

  13. Does anybody know if the shop One Stop Anime in Melbourne is still open? Please tell me if it is or not, I think it’s in or right next to China Town. If it’s closed please tell me if you know if it has just moved somewhere else. I’m not sure if it’s necessary, but here is my email address –

    Answers will be very much appreciated.

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