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Amamiya Manami & Inamori Mika ~ Toysworks

Amamiya Manami and Inamori Mika (or more known as Manabi and Mikan ^^) from Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight manufactured by Toysworks. First I thought that they were 1/8 scale, but actually this one is non scale. I received this figurine as my birthday present back in November last year ^^.

And also I’m going to do colored background this time, after 3 whole months doing only black and white background ^^

Same with 1st picture but with brighter bg, which one is better? ^^

This figurine is good. Sculpt and painting are nicely done, and very detailed.

Hair ornament and arm badge have good detail

The student mobile is also nicely done

Detailed badges

I say that toysworks really did great job creating this figurine 🙂

This figurine also come with skirt cast off feature, showing their navy blue bloomer 😀

One of the best manabi straight figurine so far 🙂 I like this one better than GSC’s manabi because you get two characters instead of one (and mikan is very cute!)

Camera Info

Nikon D40, AF-S Nkkor 18-55mm Lens

Figurine Info

PS: Starting from now, I will use image for the figurine info. If you like it and you happen to have the figurine, you can print the image, and put it next to the figurine, like this:

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  1. double’s avatar

    I find the Figurine Info Card to be quite an interesting idea, but from how I see it, putting the cards beside your figurines would make it seem as though your figurines are for sale. LOL

    double’s last blog post: Anime Is Influential : MAJOR FACT!!!

  2. shino’s avatar

    Sweet figure(s), you seem to get a lot of those that I missed out and never had the chance to get (e.g., Max’s Fauna, Alter’s Shinku, and now this) =(

    I liked the darker background between the first two pics though I think it might be even nicer if there was smoother transition between the red/pink to black.

    Nice idea there with the cards, at the very least no one can bug you about who’s who from what and they can be just directed to read for themselves. Perfect for lazy people like me xD

  3. Belela-san’s avatar

    To much loli for me XD, I like lolis but not like this, I prefer the type of Nijihara Ink, Ilya but this is to much for me 😛 .

    Putting info on the characters itself is interesting but it wouldn’t work for me since the people that come to mu house don’t watch anime so they don’t bother asking from which series they come

    Belela-san’s last blog post: Master Grade Gundam Unicorn arrival

  4. super rats’s avatar

    Thanks for the pictures. They’re so cute. No, too cute!

    super rats’s last blog post: Hot House Shouko-san

  5. Adun’s avatar

    What was your depth of field for these photos? You could probably raise the F value to say 16 so you get that nice focused look on everything. Of course with a raised F value, you’ll have to set it to a slower shutter speed.

    I never like these versions of Manabi and Mikan. They didn’t look all that great to me, hence why I went for the GSC Manabi.

    Nice idea with the cards, but I wouldn’t have room in my cabinet to place a card next to them.

    Adun’s last blog post: Figure Review: Shinku inviting you for tea

  6. ron~’s avatar

    @adun: various F value for the pictures, ranging from 25 to 32, only 3 pictures use F value below 10: 2 pictures use F value 4 (the one that shows mikan student ID, and the one that shows badge), and 1 picture use F value 8 (hair ornament and arm badge). Some of the picture are blurred because I want to put emphasize on the small detail that I mentioned ^^

  7. suneo’s avatar

    aw they look so cute lol
    something about the cat mouth that is really cute

    suneo’s last blog post: [ero] new tinklebell game update! *finally!*

  8. Aya Kyunik’s avatar


    I gotta love her :3 mouth, also nice photos!
    Now if only they had a pantsu version instead of bloomer~ 😛

    Aya Kyunik’s last blog post: New year, New look

  9. dice’s avatar

    Cho kawaii! Oh my gosh I feel excited just looking at the two of them. Very nice peektures! The image/namecard info is great . . . but I ran out of space. heehee.

    dice’s last blog post..S.O.Y. 2008 CosPlay Event

  10. valho’s avatar

    they are such a cutie and so moe :D. the figure info image looks nice, but too bad I don’t really have space to put that in my display though

    valho’s last blog post..First batch of figures for 2008

  11. rain’s avatar

    not one, but a pair of lolis! prefer the skirts over the bloomers though. not a bloomer person ^^

    rain’s last blog post..Shuraki: Char Rhousemann

  12. lu-k’s avatar

    Blue bloomers are the best! xD
    I have choosen the same color for mine hehehe.
    Lovely and warm pictures!

    lu-k’s last blog post..Louise

  13. ron~’s avatar

    I also prefer skirt ^^, but yah blue bloomer is good 😀

  14. Choo’s avatar

    woah woah. DAMN MOE

    Choo’s last blog post..Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi – PS2 Trailer

  15. coeli’s avatar

    They are soooooo cute ~<3

    coeli’s last blog post..A boy and his flame dragons

  16. suneo’s avatar

    never been a big fan of bloomers myself. Skirts+panties are definitely the way to go lol. But then if I consider the age of these girls….*cough* does that make me a monster? ….

    suneo’s last blog post..[figures] Griffon Enterprises Cold Cast 1/6 Queen’s Blade Reina

  17. ron~’s avatar


    >> does that make me a monster? ….

    nah, they are 17+ years old 😀

  18. Setsuna-san’s avatar

    2 Lolis for the price of one. definitely worth getting.^^

    Setsuna-san’s last blog post..MAGe Festa 2008 : First and Only Day.

  19. DSJFX18’s avatar

    Your display case reminds me of the display cases in stores. =P

  20. yui’s avatar