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Akihabara Online Map


Akihabara Channel has made an Interactive Map of Akihabara in English, complete with store locations and photos. I’m sure this will help me a lot for my next Japan travel (next year!).

Akihabara Map.

  1. lu-k’s avatar

    This gonna be very helpful indeed! I plan to go there next summer or maybe a bit later. So thanks for the information ron~ ^^

    lu-k’s last blog post: Tadaima… and Merry Xmas!

  2. Adun’s avatar

    Very helpful indeed. I probably only explored half of the treasures in Akiba so this will help a lot.

    Adun’s last blog post: Merry Christmas for 2007 and my much needed holidays

  3. AS’s avatar

    I could really use this when I go back to Japan, hopefully to Akiba this time lol. Thanks for the info.

    AS’s last blog post: Kirino, why are you so awesome?

  4. ron~’s avatar

    I’m planning to go there next summer (August 08) for wonfesu and comiket. We should all meet there! 😀

  5. lu-k’s avatar

    For sure! ^^

    lu-k’s last blog post: Yotsuba&!

  6. dice’s avatar

    Oooooh GREAT! I’m planning a trip come early April! This will be coolness! Thanks Ron! & Happy New Year!

    dice’s last blog post: Japanese mission: to ani-mize & manga-ize the world